Zenless Zone Zero: Gameplay, beta, trailer & everything we know


Zenless Zone Zero is a brand-new Action RPG game from the developers behind Genshin Impact. Here’s everything we know so far about HoYoverse’s upcoming title. 

While Genshin Impact continues to prove incredibly popular, HoYoverse has revealed new details on its next ARPG title – Zenless Zone Zero. Last year, the developers hinted at this title, but since then, news surrounding Zenless Zone Zero has been rather scarce. 

However, the latest beta and trailers have given us a sneak peek into the title’s colorful characters, setting, and gameplay. Whether you want to find out more about the Zenless Zone Zero or just wish to dive into the beta, then our release date hub has you covered. 

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Is there a Zenless Zone Zero release date?

Zenless Zone Zero characters sitting on a carHoYoverse
The Zenless Zone Zero release date is highly anticipated.

There currently is no confirmed release date for Zenless Zone Zero. With that in mind, it’s likely we’ll receive an official announcement from HoYoverse later this year. This would outline whether the upcoming title will be released in 2022 or in 2023.

We’ll be updating this section as soon as we hear more information, so make sure you bookmark this page for all the latest information on the Zenless Zero release date.

Zenless Zone Zero platforms

Anbi Zenless Zone ZeroHoYoverse
Zenless Zone Zero will share a similar release pattern to Genshin Impact.

Zenless Zone Zero will release on PC and iOS devices. There is currently no news on whether the game will launch on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series X|S. 

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While more devices could be added in the future, HoYoverse will likely reveal further news as we get nearer to the game’s release date.

Zenless Zone Zero reveal trailer

The Zenless Zone Zero reveal trailer aired on May 13, 2022. This news was announced via the game’s official teaser website, which originally had a countdown timer and a brief audio recording. 

During the trailer, players get a glimpse of New Eridu — the last shelter for civilization due to the “Hollow” calamity. It’s in these futuristic streets that a number of Zenless Zone Zero characters can be seen engaging mysterious monsters.

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Zenless Zone Zero Summer Game Fest trailer

Zenless Zone Zero gameplay

Unagi Zenless Zone ZeroHoYoverse
Zenless Zone Zero features different gameplay not seen in Genshin Impact.

Zenless Zone Zero features a fluid, cinematic, and action-oriented combat system. Players can take control of different units to unleash electrifying skills and unlimited QTE combos, which give them an edge over their foes. 

However, unlike other HoYoverse titles, the game also has roguelike gameplay mechanisms. This means Zenless Zone Zero will have clear differences from Genshin Impact and the turn-based combat seen in Honkai: Star Rail.

Zenless Zone Zero story & setting

Zenless Zone Zero New EriduHoYoverse
Zenless Zone Zero takes place in a post-apocalyptic metropolitan city.

Zenless Zone Zero takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where civilization has been destroyed by a supernatural disaster known as the “Hollows”. This strange phenomenon has led to dimensions where mysterious monsters dubbed the “Ethereal” roam.

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New Eridu is the last urban civilization that survived the apocalypse, but its survival is reliant on the technology and valuable resources that are extracted from the Hollows.

In order to save humanity and uncover the mystery behind the supernatural disaster, players must take on the role of a “Proxy” — a special professional who guides people in their exploration of the Hollows.

It’s here where players need to utilize their characters’ skills, claim valuable data, and progress through Zenless Zone Zero’s story.

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Zenless Zone Zero beta

Zenless Zone Zero characters watching TVHoYoverse
The Zenless Zone Zero beta sign-ups are now live.

The Zenless Zone beta sign-ups have now ended the official website. If you have been successful, you’ll receive a confirmation email inviting you to the Zenless Zone Zero beta.

HoYoVerse recently announced that the Zenless Zone Zero beta will take place on August 4 at 7pm PT, and on August 5 10am CST. The end date and time haven’t been released yet, so be sure to check back here regularly for the latest beta news.

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So, there you have it, everything we currently know about Zenless Zone Zero. Make sure you check our other HoYoverse game guides below for all the latest information. 

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