YouTuber stunned by viral Among Us crew & imposter TikTok hacks

Published: 14/Oct/2020 22:17 Updated: 20/Oct/2020 10:29

by Alan Bernal


The Among Us community has been creating wild tactics as both the crew or Imposter then showcasing them on TikTok. While some are duds, others have gone viral for their effectiveness, and YouTuber ‘LoverFella’ put some of the best ones to the test.

Admittedly, the YouTuber was a bit skeptical about some of the clips he saw since it took either lightning-fast Photoshop skills or some coordination with fellow crew members to pull them off.


But the Fella still tried them out in a game to see if he could have some kind of measure of success implementing them in a live game where lies, deceit, and trickery is actively a part of the game.

Stacking has been a favorite among people. Essentially it’s just putting your character model on top of another to hide numbers, and, as a trait of solidarity against the Imposters, make it impossible for the alien to kill someone without others knowing.

LoverFella YouTube
Among Us players can ‘stack’ characters to lure the Imposter into a kill.

LoverFella saw that the idea could work and possibly even be a viable strat. The only difficult part, other than actually getting players to stack, was that it’s hard to sift out the killer when stacked. But a savvy crew member would have enough info they needed to kick out the Imposter.

The YouTuber then experimented with his own Among Us hack by ‘leaking’ into voice comms who he, as the Imposter, is going to killnext. The trick here was that the person he singles out is another Imposter as well.

Acting as a sacrifice, by killing one crew member, ‘leaking’ the next person he’s going to kill, and then getting reported/voted out, will dissuade other players from accusing the alien partner.


It’s complicated and even LoverFella was surprised it worked so well, so use it as a last ditch effort if the crew members are starting to zero-in on you.

Another TikTok trend that was actually kind of funny requires the player to screenshot the list of players and take it to an image editing software to turn someone’s name red.

Publishing that image in the lobby chat could throw someone off, but given the meme-y nature some Among Us games spiral into, the YouTuber wasn’t convinced it was a viable strat.


But a great clip he saw was a variation of a previous stack, but this time, two players have similar names or short names to perfectly disguise themselves. Once the killer comes by, they’ll see only one player, so if they kill them, they’ll instantly be outed.

There are a ton of tricks that people are coming up in Among Us, while they’re not always the best way to play, LoverFella proved that at least some are worthwhile to employ.


Among Us comes to Overwatch with amazing custom game mode

Published: 3/Oct/2020 19:05 Updated: 20/Oct/2020 10:45

by Bill Cooney


The hit party game Among Us has been completely recreated in Overwatch’s Workshop mode thanks to the work of one dedicated player, and the results are impressive, to say the least.

Innersloth’s multiplayer murder-mystery game has become one of the surprise hits of 2020, especially considering the fact it was first released in 2018 and had gotten barely any attention until a few months ago.


Even though it’s over two years old hasn’t seemed to slow it down at all, with more people acting ‘sus’ than ever before this year. For instance, devs from Innersloth revealed recently that it had close to 100 million downloads in 2020 and a good couple million concurrent players on any given day.

All of this hype inspired Korean YouTuber HYAYA (흐야야) to create a fully-functioning version of Among Us in the Overwatch Workshop using the game’s heroes as the crewmembers and imposters.


It wouldn’t be Among Us without the appropriate setting, and the abandoned Horizon Lunar Colony map serves as the perfect backdrop for accusing and framing the people that you once called friends. It also has plenty of vents, which we swear we saw Sombra just disappear into.

They even went to the trouble of remaking most of the simple, yet time-consuming tasks the crew has to complete before being brutally murdered in order to survive.

There’s also a voting screen for your group to determine who lives and who takes a one-way trip out of the airlock every round. To top it all off, a hilarious animation showing the unlucky hero floating off into space plays after they’ve been voted off, with text revealing if they were the imposter or not.

To be fair, Reaper was acting super sus in Medbay.

Sadly, HYAYA hasn’t posted a game code for others to try out Among Us in Overwatch just yet, as there still seem to be a few bugs floating around. But this video shows Among Us custom games are possible, so we’d keep our eyes out for a code appearing very soon.

Hopefully, it arrives in time for the Halloween Terror event, which should get going in the next couple of weeks.

Among Us with Overwatch heroes would be a great way to break up Junkenstein’s Revenge matches, and save us the trouble of switching back and forth between windows while waiting in the queue.


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