YouTuber goes viral with world’s largest “fully-functional” Nintendo Switch

YouTube, Michael Pick

A YouTuber has made what’s he’s calling “the world’s largest Nintendo Switch” and it’s completely functional, complete with pressable buttons that respond with on-screen actions, a 4K display, support for Pro and GameCube controllers and more.

If you’ve ever lost your Nintendo Switch, like YouTuber Michael Pick has, then you might want to take a page out of his notebook and just make a bigger version. While his might be a bit too cumbersome to carry, at least it’ll never get lost.

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In a new video uploaded to his channel, the content creator shows how he made the self-described “world’s largest” fully functional Nintendo Switch. The “device” itself measure 70 inches horizontally and 30 inches vertically, making it one beefy console.

There may not be much practicality, but, regardless, all of the buttons on the Switch are fully functional and respond to commands on-screen. This means that, if you really wanted to, you could play whatever you want on the system, without the need for extra controllers. It even has a 4K display, even though the actual Switch itself doesn’t support 4K.

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And if you want to actually use it without wanting to press those large buttons, it’s compatible with both the Nintendo Switch Pro and GameCube controllers.

All of this compatibility is due to the fact that the giant Switch actually uses the real console. While the whole thing is made out of wood, 3D-printed parts and a whole lot of circuits, the inside contains actual Joy-Cons, as well as a Nintendo Switch. The YouTuber essentially hooked up all of the custom materials to the actual controller and unit, allowing it to function.

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Regardless of however you view it, the result is still impressive, especially when you see the amount of work that went into it, which was also showed in the video.

That’s been reflected by the community as well, with the video gaining over 20K views in less than 24 hours. For a channel with 4K subscribers, those are some impressive stats, especially considering they are still climbing at the time of this writing.

As for the giant Nintendo Switch, he’s not keeping it. Instead, it’s been donated to St. Jude’s Children Hospital so that the kids there can enjoy it. Here’s hoping that he creates more of these types of devices in the future, maybe with other consoles.

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