Yet another live-service game shut down as EA’s Knockout City reaches its end

knockout city gameplayVelan Studios

Knockout City, EA’s dodgeball-based multiplayer arena battler has announced that its servers will be shutting down. After the finish of Season 9 and its ‘Thanks for the KOs event,’ Knockout City will close its doors on June 6, 2023.

The devs of Knockout City have announced that the game will no longer have active servers after June 6th. Through a blog post and video, the developers of the game, Velan Studios, have explained that the dodgeball-inspired battler will be taken down shortly after its 9th season.

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The game’s discontinuation comes at a time in which EA has been announcing massive recalls of their games, with them recently shutting down both Apex Legends mobile and Battlefield mobile. Alongside these mobile games, EA also recently put its foot down on another unannounced single-player Titanfall game, and now it appears that Knockout City is the latest to be culled. Similarly, fellow live-service title Rumbleverse also announced its shutdown plans earlier this week too.

Knockout City isn’t going out without a bang, however, with the devs announcing several features and events going into the title before its closure.

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The first announcement is that of Season 9, a 12-week season with six back-to-back events being hosted throughout. This season will arrive with a new map that matches the season-themed battle pass and storyline.

Knockout City is also planning on removing all in-game transactions from the 28th of February onwards, whilst also dramatically increasing the rewards players will receive from partaking in the game. The developers have also stated that they’ll be heavily discounting items in the shop and reducing the price of the premium battle pass so that it’s easily accessible for free players.

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Finally, Knockout City will be providing a private hosted server edition of Knockout City that’ll be available to download for players to host their own servers. This version will be available for Windows PC in the coming months, with more details down the line.

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