Apex Legends x Titanfall single-player game ‘quietly’ canceled by EA

Apex Legends & Titanfall EA gameEA

Both set in the same universe, a single-player game that would have finally bridged the games of Titanfall and Apex Legends was unfortunately canceled by EA.

The release of Apex Legends was one of the oddest and most shocking. The game dropped seemingly out of nowhere from acclaimed shooter studio Respawn, three years after Titanfall 2 was released.

While fans of the Titanfall series were expecting a third installment, they were instead hit with a fully-online battle royale set in the same universe without a connective story. Respawn’s pivot meant that it was unlikely that a third Titanfall game would be coming anytime soon.

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Those hopes have dwindled further in the coming years, largely due to Respawn’s parent company, EA’s changing direction. New information suggests that a possible link tying Apex and Titanfall together is now also in jeopardy.

Apex Legends x Titanfall single-player game scrapped by EA

In recent weeks, EA has made a sharp pivot regarding upcoming projects, which include Respawn games. On January 31, it was announced that Apex Legends mobile would be sunset along with other mobile projects.

But quietly, EA may have cancelled another, unannounced game.

According to Bloomberg insider Jason Schreier, EA also cancelled an unannounced single-player game, also set in the same universe as both Apex Legends and Titanfall.

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This news, along with the shuttering of Apex Legends and delays to games like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, have given gamers trepidation about the future of EA games.

Several commenters on Twitter pointed out that this change in direction is also a bad sign for the still-awaited Titanfall 3, while others on Reddit have speculated that EA may be shifting resources away from Apex Legends.

Although it seems that EA has killed this project early in its development and is promising to move the team working on this mystery game to other projects, it still is not a great time for fans of this shared universe.

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