New ‘Stellar Shift’ Xbox controllers leak with color-changing design

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A recent leak indicates Microsoft plans on releasing new “Stellar Shift” Xbox Series X|S controllers boasting a color-changing design scheme.

Microsoft continues to step up its game in the special edition controller department. For example, to celebrate Halo’s 20th anniversary in 2021, the hardware manufacturer unleashed a stylized Xbox Series and Xbox One controller.

An even more visually appealing, Master Chief-inspired controller accompanied the release of Halo Infinite. Of course, the company’s deployed a variety of solid-colored Xbox Series gamepads as well, including Shock Blue and Pulse Red.

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But for those who want an Xbox controller with a little more flair, Microsoft may have something special up its sleeve.

Leak hints at new Stellar Shift controllers for Xbox Series X|S

Leaker billbil-kun recently shared links to new Xbox controller listings on Amazon for a “Stellar Shift” gamepad with a color-changing design. The product page has since been removed, though it previously mentioned a February 14, 2023 release date.

Notably, the Amazon Europe listing showed a price tag marked at €$64.99, which translates to approximately $70 USD.

In response to a similar post from XboxSquad, Twitter user foufoune magique claimed the controller is already available to purchase in France. The user shared photos as well, which feature the Xbox packaging that contains the Stellar Shift controllers.

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Purple and black colors dominate the gamepad, mimicking a cosmic-like design scheme as evidenced by the stars littering the packaging. Since it’s a color-changing design, too, the controller should look different based on the way the light hits it.

Microsoft has yet to announce the above product, but it previously launched a color-shifting controller not too dissimilar from Stellar Shift.

Just last year, the special edition Lunar Shift gamepad went to market, its shimmering silver and gold look becoming a must-have for many Xbox owners.

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