Wuthering Waves closed beta – How to sign up and play the game early

James Busby
Wuthering Waves characters

The Wuthering Waves closed beta sign-ups are now live, giving players the chance to delve into the upcoming open-world RPG before its official release date.

Wuthering Waves is the latest game that has both anime and Genshin Impact fans excited. Not only does it feature a number of unique characters that players can unlock, but the combat shares similarities to other mobile titles like Honkai Impact and Punishing: Gray Raven.

While details on Wuthering Waves have been rather scarce, the developers have finally released information on the upcoming closed beta. So, if you’re looking for a game that’s similar to Genshin Impact or just want a replacement, then our Wuthering Waves closed beta hub has you covered. 


Wuthering Waves closed beta release date & platforms

Wuthering Waves character kneeling
Wuthering Waves has garnered a lot of hype amongst Genshin Impact fans.

The Wuthering Waves closed beta will release on April 24th, 2023, and begins at 18:00 (PT). Once live, players can play the closed beta on PC, iOS, and Android. Wuthering Waves’ closed beta will enable players to test out a number of characters, as well as explore the game’s environments and wider story. 

It’s important to note that the Wuthering Waves closed beta is currently only available to players in America and Canada. We will update this section as soon as the developers announce a Wuthering Waves closed beta release date for Europe. 

When does the Wuthering Waves closed beta end? 

The Wuthering Waves closed beta end date has yet to be announced, but we’ll likely hear more information as we get closer to the release date. 

How to sign up for the Wuthering Waves closed beta?

In order to sign-up for the Wuthering Waves beta, players need to register their interest between March, 20th, 2023 to April. 14th, 2023. Simply follow the instructions outlined below to get started:

  • Head over to the official Wuthering Waves website
  • Select ‘Join Closed Beta’.
  • Enter your email address. 
  • Fill out the survey.
  • Check your registered email for a beta invite. 

Are there any Wuthering Waves closed beta rewards?

There are currently no Wuthering Waves closed beta rewards, but players do have a chance to secure some in-game items if they retweet the official Tweet above. The items on offer are as follows: 

  • x20 CBT Qualification
  • x1 iPhone 14 Pro Max 512g
  • x10 Official Merchandise 

So, there you have it, everything we currently know about the Wuthering Waves closed beta. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly for all the latest updates.