Are there any redeemable codes in Wuthering Waves?

Wuthering Waves official character artworkKuro Game

Wondering whether there are any Wuthering Waves codes to redeem, or if the feature could be present in the game at launch? Well, our handy codes page has everything you need to know.

While Wuthering Waves is currently gearing up for its closed beta release date, many players will be eager to find out whether there will be any redeemable codes. After all, just like Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail, the vast world of Wuthering Waves is filled with various items and currencies. 

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So, if you’re lucky enough to get a spot in the Wuthering Waves closed beta, or just wish to know if there even are any codes you can redeem once the game releases later this year, our hub has every you need to know.

Are there any Wuthering Waves codes?

Wuthering Waves character on a cliffKuro Game
Wuthering Waves is the next free to play anime game that has fans excited.

No, there are no codes available in Wuthering Waves. This is down to the game currently not being released. However, the Wuthering Waves closed beta will go live on April 24, 2023, which means players will soon be able to get an early glimpse of the game’s combat and open world. 

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Of course, we’ll be sure to update this section if additional details on Wuthering Waves codes are released in the near future. 

Will there be Wuthering Waves codes in the future?

Kuro Game has yet to reveal whether Wuthering Waves codes will be featured in the game, but that doesn’t mean this functionality won’t be added in the future. It’s important to note that the developer’s other popular gacha game, Punishing Gray Raven, features a redeemable codes page.

Wuthering Waves also has a lot of similarities to Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy, with both mobile titles being open-world gacha games. While this isn’t concrete evidence, it’s likely the developers would follow this pattern and reward its playerbase with free reward codes. 

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Make sure you bookmark this page and check back here once the game releases, as we’ll be adding codes if and when they get revealed.  In the meantime, head over to our Wuthering Waves release hub and check out some of our guides below to find out more about the upcoming game. 

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