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Ready for the penultimate Phyrexian madness with All Will Be One? Magic’s next set is already on pre-order in the UK and US, here’s everything available!

Magic’s next big story is coming to its finale. Phyrexia: All Will Be One is the penultimate chapter in this massive saga, and Wizards of the Coast are once again all out.

There are seven different product types you can get, all in different forms and styles. All Will Be One is following MTG’s current style of releases, which includes: three types of boosters; Commander decks; bundles; Jumpstart; booster boxes, and the pre-release pack.

Elesh Norn

That’s a lot of different ways to not get that killer Elesh Norn card. Or hunting for Compleated Planeswalkers. While Jumpstart is its own thing, if the regular set is this impressive already, then we’d be keeping our eyeballs on that too.


Of course, for the cautious ones among us, you can always just grab the singles. All stores with singles pages up can be found below:



MagicMadehouse in the UK also already has the complete singles collection up for pre-order as well. They ship to the US.

As this is before the official spoiler season, most stores will be displaying a limited selection.

Where to buy All Will Be One booster packs

As with the last few sets, there are going to be three types of boosters on sale. Collector Boosters come with a bigger chance for rares, mythics, and variations of cards. They’re almost filled entirely with foils as well.

These go for around $12.99 at launch, and – depending on the secondary market – will often go up in price as they’re removed from print.

Draft boosters are what you’ll want to seek out if you intend to draft. These are your most basic packs. They’re intended to be used in limited formats, like sealed. These will often be sold for $4.

Set Boosters are slightly more structured packs. They have essentially replaced themed booster packs, with the lower tier cards all related to each other. There will also be your standard rare, mythic, or foil card at the end.

You’ll often find Set Boosters for around $5 at retail.

Collector Booster

StarCity Games$20.99
Magic Madhouse£19.95
Forbidden Planet£25.99

Draft Booster

Set Booster

Booster boxes

If you want to run a draft with a pod of six, or just boost your collection with a massive injection, we recommend buying booster boxes. Announced closer to the time, booster boxes come with box toppers as an additional bonus. These are cards from the set at large – not just the booster packs themselves.


StarCity Games$219.99
Magic Madhouse£219.95
Best Buy$299.99


StarCity Games$99.99
Magic Madhouse£107.95
Best Buy$150.99


StarCity Games$109.99
Magic Madhouse£115.95


This is a full case of six booster boxes or bundles often sold to stores as stock.

Star City

Draft vs Set – which to buy

If you want to build your collection, you get hold of the set boosters. If you’re interested in playing the game in a limited format, we recommend the draft boosters.

Set boosters will offer more goodies for those wanting to fill out the amount of All Will Be One cards they have available at their disposal. Draft packs will also often be given out as prizes after events.

Phyrexia Jumpstart

All Will Be One launching means yet another Jumpstart set. While we’ve never seen it played in the wild, these cards often make for some great additions to Commander.

For those that don’t know, Jumpstart has you smash two packs together, build a deck, and play. However, the cards can’t be used in regular constructed, so you’ll often use them in things like Commander.

Jumpstart Booster

Magic Madhouse£4.95
Forbidden Planet£6.49

Jumpstart Booster Box

StarCity Games$74.99
Magic Madhouse£79.95


Compleat Bundle

Since Eldraine, there’s been a special edition of the regular bundle. These come with collectors boosters, and special dice. Also packaged is a foil 40-card land pack.

Magic Madhouse£59.95
Forbidden Planet£79.99
Best Buy$80

Regular bundle

Is the MTG bundle worth it?

As a present or just a quick boost to your collection for the current, the bundles are always worth it. They not only give you a nice start to the set, but you can use the box as storage as well.

All Will Be One Commander decks

Commander is still a yearly product, in theory. Except rather than waiting for one day out of the year, you just wait until the next set. As Commander has become one of the most popular formats for the game, it now gets a counterpart to the main set.

Corrupted InfluencePrice
Magic Madhouse£33.95
Rebellion RisingPrice
Magic Madhouse£33.95

MTG Pre-release All Will Be One pack

Pre-release is a great time. We fully recommend you go at least once, as the experience is great learning material for playing the game. You get given a box of six booster packs, a promo card, and have to build a deck out of them. Inside the pack will also be an Arena code and a countdown life dice.

Stores will often stock these for your own home-run pre-release. They’re a great way to learn how the set works for your future drafts too.

Magic Madhouse£23.95

How much does Magic: The Gathering cost?

Despite a recommended price being set across every product, Wizards cannot control – nor acknowledges – the secondary market. So while we say things should cost $5 for a Set Booster, a store could price it more in line with how the secondary market is capitalizing on them.

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