Doctor Who is crossing over with Magic: The Gathering in a big way next year

Alec Mullins
A gathering of heroes in Doctor Who

Magic: The Gathering has brought a ton of TV shows into its realm since the launch of the Universes Beyond line and Doctor Who is the latest franchise to hit the list.

The Magic universe continues to grow with the addition of the Doctor and their companions. While the specifics of this deal aren’t fully announced just yet, there are some delightful cameos to come in late 2023 when it finally rolls out.

The collection contains tearjerking moments and scenes of unadulterated joy, so here’s what we know about the situation so far.

Doctor Who is coming to the Magic: The Gathering world in 2023 Universes Beyond collection

According to IGN, the cards will resemble the Warhammer 40k set that is set to release on October 7. This means the cards will primarily arrive in the form of four Commander decks with supporting Collector Booster packs available as well.

Matt Smith at the 11th Doctor in Doctor Who
Eleven in one of his finest moments.

The individual cards highlight both individual characters and the game-changing scenes that they were a part of. For example, Jo Martin’s Fugitive of Judoon will get a highlight, and so will Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, with the art specifically showcasing his emotional speech in front of the Pandorica.

Each of the four new decks will contain a mix of new cards and familiar ones in order to make them playable, but if the Warhammer trend continues, they’ll also come with a unique frame and a few other goodies to make them even more intriguing for fans of the game and the show alike.

The release date is set for Q3 of 2023 but we’ve already seen one Universes Beyond set get delayed, so it might not be worth penciling anything into the calendar just yet for this one.

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