When is GRID Legends coming out? Release date, platforms, trailers, gameplay

Grid Legends keyart promoting the game's February 25 release dateCodemasters

Looking to scratch that arcade-style racing itch? We’ve got everything you need to know about GRID Legends’ release date, platform availability, gameplay, and more. 

The next edition of Codemasters’ tour race franchise is on the way with an enhanced story mode that will drop players directly into the thrills of high-octane racing.

Between big upgrades to career mode, the 100+ car arsenal, and a touch of dramatic flair, GRID Legends is guaranteed to bring a ton of entertainment to the otherwise stacked racing game party.

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GRID Legends release date confirmed

Grid Legends racing screenshotCodemasters
The early gameplay footage shows off an impressive mix of close quarters and open-road racing.

GRID Legends is set for launch on February 25, 2022.

Wondering what we made of it? Read our preview from a hands-on session.

GRID Legends pre-order and editions

GRID Legends screenshot showing an open-wheel vehicleCodemasters
GRID Legends is full of cars to choose from.

Pre-orders are available on the game’s website and will even net you a few unique rewards, such as the Seneca & Ravenwest Legends double pack.

The Deluxe Edition of the game sweetens the deal with a two-car Volts Legend pack and a free Mechanic’s Pass to speed up your upgrade progress.

What platforms will GRID Legends be on?

The racer will launch simultaneously on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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Crossplay is enabled across all versions of the game, meaning that drivers will be able to race their friends regardless of what platform or generation they are using.

For console players, pre-ordering the game will secure dual entitlement, meaning you can redeem the game on both generations of consoles with just one purchase.

Driven to Glory mode

GRID Legends will offer a story-based campaign mode called “Driven to Glory”, featuring a set of characters to add drama to the game’s races.

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The mode is framed as a playable documentary, a la Netflix’s Drive to Survive series, and uses virtual production methods as seen in The Mandalorian to bring backdrops and scenes to life.

Check out the “Driven to Glory” trailer below:

World reveal trailer

The reveal trailer gives players a glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming “Driven to Glory” story mode.

The campaign is set inside a faux reality show, and players will watch as the narrative plays out in front of them in a mix of gameplay and live-action sequences.

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This marks the live-action debut of Ravenwest driver Nathan McKane, who has served as a reoccurring opponent across several games in the franchise.

GRID Legends gameplay

GRID is known for offering a more relaxed style of racing than Codemasters’ F1 series, and that’s a trend that they are embracing once again in Legends.

While racing is the true heart of the franchise, these titles have never shied away from the entertainment aspect of the sport.

From aggressive AI that will remember when you trade some paint with them to tire blowouts that send cars violently into the air, the action is bigger and more glorious than ever this time around.

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There are a huge number of event types, too. Players can race everything from open-wheel cars to huge Stadium Trucks, while cross-discipline races mean anything can race, well, anything.

The developers have also highlighted the change to multiplayer this time around, saying that friend requests and waiting in lobbies are a thing of the past.

In GRID Legends, you’ll be able to join up and race with friends “in three quick button presses” to ensure that more time is spent in the action and not in the menus.

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That’s all there is to know about GRID Legends so far.  If you’re looking for info on any other upcoming games, check out some of our other release hubs:

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