What’s Terraria Master Mode? Differences between modes, bosses, more

Nick Farrell
terraria calamity mod

If you’re looking for a challenge in the side scroller survival game that is Terraria, then Master Mode may be perfect for you. But, before jumping in, you better get up to speed with everything you need to know about it.

While new games releasing every year are always looking to expand their horizons, with certain gameplay features, sometimes simplicity is key. This is how Terraria has remained one of the most beloved games since its release back in 2011.

The game bolsters similar mechanics to Minecraft, and it’s a fantastic way to test your survival talent. Over the course of the game, you’ll be tasked with creating a base and completing missions for NPCs around the map.

But, if you fancy a challenge, then Terraria offers a mode that is rather daunting to most players, and that is the Master Mode.

Terraria has a variety of crafting options for players to dive into.

What is Master Mode in Terraria?

Most survival games offer a few levels of difficulty for players to select when creating a new world, and as the name suggests, Master Mode is the highest challenge you can face within Terraria.

The mode increases all aspects of the difficulty of the game, and one of the aspects that lure players to taking on this challenge is the Master Mode specific items available within the game.

Keep in mind, if you’re looking to dive into this mode, then make sure you’re aware of the increased health among all enemies within the game. They’ll have around 25 more health points than enemies on Expert mode, so it’ll be quite the challenge, to say the least.

Players have been able to create amazing houses within Terraria.

If you’re able to defeat a boss while in Master Mode, they’ll drop some exclusive loot for you, so it’s worth the trouble if you’re a well-experienced Terraria player. But, this mode may not be for everyone, so try it if you are up to the challenge.