Watch Dogs: Legion Season Pass: Story, missions, skins, price

Andrew Highton
The Watch dogs season pass in Watch dogs legion

Watch Dogs: Legion is available and everyone is free to hack the world and unleash chaos on the streets of London. But the perfect accompaniment for the game is the Watch Dogs: Legion Season Pass. We’re going to reveal the pass’ must-have content, benefits, and the price for it all. 

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The latest hacking extravaganza from Ubisoft is here. Watch Dogs: Legion is an innovative spectacle that promises never-before-seen features and unique mechanics. So to enhance the overall package of the game, Ubisoft is providing players with the opportunity to increase their enjoyment with more content.

The Watch Dogs: Legion Season Pass is set to add a whole range of content to the game over the next year. The pass features customizable character skins and fully-fledged expansion packs that include new missions. We have all the details of the season pass for you below.

Aiden Pearce in Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion Season Pass

The Season Pass will contain all the content for the game that is set to be released in Year One.

Check out the content below.

-Two new post-game story expansions – including returning characters Aiden Pearce and Wrench
-Four unique heroes, each with new abilities and exclusive cosmetics
-Three Dedsec Missions:
  • Not in our name
  • Guardian Protocol
  • Swipe Right
-Watch Dogs: Complete Edition*
-DedSec car skin
The Watch Dogs Legion Season Pass is available for $39.99 or £33.99.

Post-launch content

free content coming to watch dogs: legion
Even more free content is coming.

In addition to the Season Pass, other content will also be available after Watch Dogs: Legion’s release.

Watch Dogs: Legion Online

The online portion of the game will release on December 3 and it introduces 4-player co-op. You’ll be able to explore London together, recruit anyone, and engage in exclusive co-op missions.

Dynamic Events

These are exciting new scenarios that will happen in London. This means a drone that needs taking or something cool needs to be hacking.

Tactical Ops

These are dedicated 4-player missions that seem to be akin to raids. Every person in the squad will need to work together to take down a powerful objective.

Online PvP

  • Spider-Bot Arena: This mode sees players battling their bots in a scene reminiscent of Robot Wars until one is left standing
  • Invasion: A classic Watch Dogs mode that pits players against each other with the goal being to identify and hunt down your opponent

Free content

Even if you’ve finished Watch Dogs: Legion, you can look forward to more new missions, characters, and New Game+

Post-launch and Season Pass content trailer

For a more visual and in-depth look at Ubisoft’s plans for the game, watch their official video.

Ultimately, Ubisoft is making sure that Watch Dogs: Legion fans are kept entertained for months ahead with the Watch Dogs Legion Season Pass.

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