Warzone 2 players demand major TTK changes to solve “baffling” AI issues

Warzone 2 character ADS with Warzone 2.0 logoActivision

Warzone 2 players have called for major changes to AI time-to-kill, claiming they’re far too hard to kill amid a series of “poor design” choices. 

Despite Warzone 2’s popularity, complaints from the player base have centered on a number of design decisions that distinguish it from its predecessor battle royale. 

The 2v2 Gulag has come in for criticism, as has the game’s incredibly fast TTK. 

Another common basis for complaint has been the inclusion of AI in standard matches. Specifically, players have taken issue with the bots randomly developing ‘aimbot’ accuracy and dropping players.

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Now, criticism has centered on how difficult they are to eliminate, especially when compared to a normal opponent. 

Warzone 2 players want DMZ AI health nerfed massively

In a January 17 Reddit post, one player highlighted the problems and said: “It should not take more time to kill an AI enemy compared to a real player.

“It baffles me that the same gun that can kill a real player with a 3 plate vest in less than 400ms also takes an insanely long time to kill any AI enemy with armor. Can someone explain to me if there’s an actual reason behind this or just poor design?”

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Others echoed the sentiment, suggesting a simple health nerf would be enough to solve the issue entirely.

“Exactly,” one player responded. “Putting almost an entire clip into an A.I. for it to “fall into last stand” and pop off shots and possibly kill me.”

Another said: “The AI need to be fully removed. They just make the game worse. Turn Strongholds into a simple domination flag.”

Season Two of Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 has now been confirmed as being delayed so the devs can take more time to implement changes based on player feedback.

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It is possible that we’ll get changes to AI and bots when that drops on February 15.