Warzone 2 guru argues TTK is still too low after Season 3 Reloaded update

Warzone 2 character tryng to reload weaponActivision

Season 3 Reloaded attempted to make Warzone 2 time-to-kill speeds slower in short-range engagements, but TrueGameData claims it wasn’t enough.

As the name suggests, time-to-kill refers to the amount of time it takes for a weapon to kill an opponent. The mechanic always creates controversy in FPS games, as some players prefer a slower TTK, while others prefer it to be faster.

JGOD compared the TTK speed of every Warzone season and concluded that WZ2’s long-range TTK is actually in a good place, while close-range engagements are a problem, and players die too fast.

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The Season 3 Reloaded update made a few changes to the battle royale sequel’s TTK speed, and TrueGameData tested what the update actually did.

Did the Warzone 2 Season 3 Reloaded TTK changes help?

The Season 3 Reloaded update added maximum armor damage values to ARs, battle rifles, SMGs, and LMGS. Activision argued in the update blog post: “These values will assist in slowing down close-range time-to-kill.”

However, after the update, TrueGameData tested every weapon and concluded: “There is a damage cap to players that have armor on. This only affects things like headshots, occasionally neck and chest shots in that damage range.”

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TrueGameData used the STB 556 as an example. The AR does 40 damage for a headshot, but the update caps maximum armor damage at 33. So if you hit a player in the head with plates, it only does 33 damage instead of 40. Once those plates break, the damage goes back up to 40.

The mid-season update also added minimum damage values to a few weapons that can be found in the full weapon balancing list. The YouTuber used the STB as an example again. From 47 meters away, the AR does 18 damage to all extremities besides the head, chest, and neck, which is more.

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The STB has minimum armor damage of 22, so if the enemy has plates on the weapon will deal 22 damage instead of 18.

TrueGameData argued that the TTK is faster in long-range engagements and slower in a close-range gunfight if a player lands headshots that override the damage value.

“The community has been begging for an increase in time-to-kill to some degree,” and the YouTuber hoped this would give fans what they wanted.

However: “It’s just really for headshots, so it does reduce the time-to-kill in certain situations, but outside of that, it’s not going to really have an impact on TTK, unfortunately.”

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