Warzone 2 hackers are literally using ‘the Force’ to kill their opponents

Warzone 2 hackers using the forceActivision

Warzone 2 hackers are evolving, and with the recent hype around Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, they’re now dropping their guns entirely and using the Force to ruin other people’s games.

Ever since the Call of Duty battle royale title dropped in 2020, cheating has been a major problem within Warzone, and now Warzone 2. The influx of PC players from other titles meant it quickly became a hacker’s haven, with things getting so bad that Activision had to develop a whole new anti-cheat, RICOCHET, to try and fix the problem.

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While the anti-cheat has improved things, it isn’t perfect and some hackers still get through the net — but now they’re really starting to show off.

We’ve seen cheats before that give players flying cars or let them walk up mountains as if they’re regular pathways, but this one has to be one of the wildest yet.

Warzone 2 hackers using the Force from Star Wars

On top of both wallhacks and aimbot, Warzone streamer Futives found a video of this unnamed player going one step further.

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Rather than abuse said cheats with one of the guns in the game, they instead dropped their weapons and appear to just be using their hands to fire at opponents. Futives and others joked that they had the Force, an energy field that provides the power for Jedi in the Star Wars saga.

While hacking can never be condoned, there are plenty in the replies to this tweet, as well as others referencing it, that do at least find it somewhat funny.

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It’s especially interesting that these are still going when you consider that in February 2023, a popular cheat maker was charged to pay Activision $3m in damages due to the hacks they have provided thousands of users.

Whether this type of hacking becomes more popular remains to be seen, but Activision will definitely want to get a grip on it before things get out of hand.

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