War Thunder devs beg leakers to stop after top-secret tank plans revealed

Bill Cooney
Leclerc French tank in War Thunder
Gaijin Entertainment

Another War Thunder player has apparently leaked top-secret specs for a French tank, and devs have had to remind the game’s community yet again leaking classified military documents is not OK.

War Thunder is a popular military vehicle simulation game produced by Cyprus-based studio Gaijin Entertainment, where players can take control of hundreds of different tanks, planes and ships. 

It’s touted as being one of most accurate combat vehicle sim games out, and like every other multiplayer game, players are constantly hounding Gaijin devs to buff their favorite war wagon.

Recently, one French player took things a bit too far though, by posting classified documents to back up their point that the Leclerc main battle tank wasn’t reaching it’s full potential in-game.

War Thunder player saying he worked in tank IRL

As reported by UK Defence Journal the posts were made by a user named __RED_CROSS__ on October 3, all to back up the player’s point that the top-tier tank’s turret rotation speed didn’t match its IRL performance.

“It took [redacted] seconds for the turret to make a complete turn, so [redacted] is indeed correct not 40°,” they told another player regarding the stat. “I’m mentioning the S2, the tank i was in.”

Along with saying they had real life experience with the vehicle, RED_CROSS also posted classified technical documents for the tank literally titled “Sekrit document.” Plans like this are kept secret probably because militaries aren’t keen on the exact specs of their battle equipment being public knowledge.

War thunder forum classified leak 2
To back up their claim the player apparently uploaded classified french military documents.

Forum moderators removed most of the content quickly, probably because this isn’t the first time they’ve had to deal with classified tank plans being leaked on the forums.

“Guys it’s not funny to leak classified documents of modern equipment you put the lives of many on stake who work daily with the vehicles!” Mods reminded War Thunder forum users. “Keep in mind that those documents will be deleted immediately alongside sanctions.”

War thunder leak 3
Believe it or not yes, this has been a recurring problem for War Thunder.

Over on Instagram after the incident had blown up on social media, Gaijin employees also had to deal with fans demanding to see the deleted blueprints.

“Again, when we said “please don’t send us classified documents, we really don’t want to end up chained at the bottom of a disguised CIA cargo ship in international waters,” this was not reverse psychology,” the official War Thunder account said on Instagram. “Don’t send us classified documents.”

War Thunder Instagram response
War Thunder/Instagram
If it’s not already, joking about top-secret documents getting leaked might be the strangest gaming meme yet.

Like we’ve mentioned this isn’t even the first time War Thunder has had to deal with top-secret tank plans being shared on their forums by over enthusiastic players. Back in July of 2021 a user claiming to be a British tank commander leaked classified plans for the Challenger 2 tank.

Just like with this French player, they were also arguing for a certain buff to the in-game vehicle and used the actual military documents to back their claim up.