Valorant’s controversial RGX 11Z Pro skins re-enabled after devs fix FPS issues

The release of Valorant’s RGX 11z Pro skin bundle with patch 3.07 caused a stir. Dubbed as the “pay to lose skins,” players experienced FPS drops in-game while using the new cosmetics, forcing Riot Games to temporarily disable the premium cosmetics until a fix was deployed one week later.

Inspired by gaming hardware, the RGX 11z bundle are the latest skins to join the vast collection in Valorant.

Including all-new features such as a kill counter, along with reactive gun buddies and color changes on the various weapons, the latest bundle is the first of its kind.

Though with the arrival of the bundle in Valorant patch 3.07 came some in-game performance issues, with the skins being labeled “pay to lose” as players experienced frame rate drops while using them.

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The bundle announcement was met with hype from the community, but the release was met with disappointed players. Immediately we saw reports of performance issues flooding in across social media, and a post on Valorant’s subreddit highlighting the problems climbed to the top.

More and more players began pouring in with their experiences, with even Valorant pro Shahzeb ‘ShahZaM’ Khan tweeting that he got 100 less FPS when using the new Vandal skin.

A Riot dev shorlty followed up to the reports, revealing in a Reddit comment that there’s an ongoing investigation that will determine if a hotfix is required.

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“We’re doing some investigation into the full severity of it and will determine if we hotfix this or push an update in the next patch. We’ll make sure we communicate what we decide to do.”

Hours later and the official Valorant Twitter account announced the highest tier variants would be blocked altogether.

Players were unable to purchase “Level 5 and variants for the gun in this skin set,” Riot explained on October 8.

Other variants were still accessible over the following days, though the problematic tier wasn’t fixed until October 12.

All tiers of the RGX 11Z Pro gun skins were finally re-enabled seven days after their troublesome introduction.

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“You should now be able to purchase all levels and variants,” Riot confirmed.

We’ll be sure to keep you up to speed right here if any further issues continue after the October 12 fix.