Valorant devs shut down calls for more Jett nerfs after recent 3.06 changes

Riot Games

Jett took another hit in Valorant with her latest patch 3.06 nerf targeting her Bladestorm. However, some players are pushing Riot to change the crux of her kit, her Tailwind dash. While there’s room for more changes in the future, the devs are content for now.

No matter what in Valorant, Jett is seemingly inevitable. Riot has tried time and time again to nerf the Korean duelist, but her high skill-cap keeps players coming back, especially the best of the best.

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After Valorant Masters Berlin saw Jett top the Agent pick rates again with 85% presence, she received another dose of nerfs in patch 3.06.

The changes to her Bladestorm mean she can no longer right-click shotgun everyone in a round, but it doesn’t quite solve the overarching problem.

Jett dashing in Valorant.Riot Games
Jett’s dash is problematic in Valorant, and Riot are still figuring out the best way to balance it.

Players have asked Riot to look at her Tailwind dash to really kneecap the duelist. One popular solution is to make it so Jett can only dash in the direction she’s facing.

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However, Riot has shut down calls for any more Jett changes ⁠— at least popular community ones — until these ones land.

“My personal take on Jett dash going only in the direction you are facing: it does not solve the core of the problem being presented and introduces input complexity, gutting the input satisfaction of one of our [most fun] agents,” developer Ryan ‘rycoux’ Cousart said on Twitter.

“We are playing whack-a-mole by nerfing dash as opposed to adding texture to the game by providing other agents more tools to deal with it. I’m all about giving tools to solve problems, not deleting the problems.”

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While he said the idea wasn’t bad, there are other options Riot are exploring, such as adding new counterplay in future Agents to tone down Jett’s power.

“I think there is a bigger picture to look at when designing Agents, in which balance is a big factor. Agents should be healthy for game health but there are elements to an Agent that make them exciting and unique,” he explained.

“There’s a healthy balance and it’s a little of both her being pretty strong and other agents being weak. If we feel there is no counterplay, what tools can we amp up to force her dash out? That’s the perspective I’d love to look at it from.”

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Valorant Jett more nerfs touted Episode 3Riot Games
Jett will be nerfed — either directly or indirectly — but Riot don’t want to push things too quickly.

Certain changes, such as reducing the length of the dash or adding a buffer around her shooting and dashing away, have been floated by community members.

Regardless, Riot is taking the feedback on board, and might look at further changes later in Episode 3.

“There’s a lot to the problem and we’re going to be continuing to assess the roster for any future changes. Really appreciate all the feedback and ideas y’all are coming up with,” he concluded.

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