V Rising devs float PvP Duels inventory durability update after player concerns

Alan Bernal
v rising pvp duel vampire

The V Rising devs have floated a durability decay update coming to the survival title that aims to make PvP Duels much more accessible for players. However, its exact release isn’t locked in yet.

The debut title for Stunlock Studios, V Rising, has been a major hit with RPG fans as they explore the vast world of Vardoran. The multiplayer survival game has impressed players with its ample content offerings in the early access alpha while having an enjoyable PvP setting to boot.

There’s been an annoying problem for people who want to dive into the competitive side that makes it very off-putting for vampires who just want to tussle though: V Rising’s equipment durability taking a hit after PvP Duels.

Many players think the game would be better off without the feature – and the devs agree.

v rising
A V-Rising update to keep equipment from losing durability in certain PvP scenarios could be on the way.

A Twitter user asked Stunlock if there was a way to eliminate the durability loss in the game when both players agree to a confrontation.

“Could you please make a way for clans and players in general on both PvE/PvP servers to be able to ‘duel’ and do so without durability loss?” they said. “There’s so much potential for dueling and organized PvP but the durability hit when both parties want to duel is negative.”

The devs were quick to confirm that they are indeed interested in the feature but it may not come as soon as some may hope.

“This is definitely a cool suggestion and one we’ve had banked for a bit,” they said. “A lot of these things are a matter of when we can get to them, and we’re watching the community closely for what we can prioritize.”

A change like that would immensely open up V Rising’s PvP potential for people who’ve been wanting to dip their toes in fighting other players across their journey.

We’ll have to wait and see when Stunlock Studios intends to bring the feature to V Rising as the game continues in its early access phase.