V Rising May 25 patch notes: Offline play (LAN mode) & new admin commands

V Rising May 25 patch 0.5 41448 imageStunlock

V Rising patch 0.5 41448 adds a slew of highly requested features to the survival title, including offline play (LAN mode) and a collection of new admin commands to manage enemies, gear durability, and server time.

Having taken the gaming universe by storm with its Dracula-style universe and strategic survival challenges, Stunlock Studios’ V Rising has skyrocketed in popularity since its early access release.

One of the main issues players have had with the game, though, is its lack of offline mode, meaning that players have to play with others whether they like it or not. The devs have had their ear to the ground, and have rectified this coming into patch 0.5 41448, adding LAN mode for those who prefer to dive into the darkness by their lonesome.

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It also adds three new admin commands (cheats, effectively) to help players manage their universe and its inhabitants. Excited to dive in? Here are the full patch notes for V Rising patch 0.5 41448.

v rising vampire looks at his castleStunlock
V Rising tasks players with building their own undead empire – and this patch will help you do so.

V Rising: Offline play & LAN mode

Ever since its early access release, vampires from across the plains of V Rising’s Transylvania-inspired universe have been asking for a way to play offline. Looking to expand their empire without disruption, players who are looking to grind solo have had their wishes granted – LAN mode has been added to the game.

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All you have to do is select ‘Go offline‘ on your Steam account, load into the game, and voila! You’ll be able to play offline. If you’re feeling social, you’ll also be able to create LAN servers to play offline with your friends.

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v rising patch 0.5 41448Stunlock
V Rising’s latest patch may be small, but it’s mighty.

V Rising patch 0.5.41448: Full notes

Below are the full patch notes for V Rising’s 0.5.41448 update, courtesy of Stunlock:

V Rising Patch Notes 0.5.41448

  • We have now enabled LAN Mode, allowing players to play V Rising without an internet connection. Players can activate this mode within the host game screen and when starting up the server. LAN Mode can be played solo or with friends on the same local network. Please keep in mind that we will work on improving the LAN Mode as we continue to develop V Rising during Early Access.
  • We also added the feature to send server-wide messages. On GPortal servers, a message will show up in the chat when a server restarts as part of its maintenance routine, warning players to get to safety before the server shuts down. The expected downtime for server restarts can last up to a minute. Other server hosts can use this new feature to send important messages to players on a particular server.
  • This patch also includes several fixes to the “Authentication Error” that hindered players from getting back onto specific servers.
  • Salvaging cloaks no longer returns the total crafting cost, players can no longer make a material profit by crafting and salvaging certain cloaks in combination with the tailoring floor bonus.
  • Previously, if a player placed a  soul shard  in a container, it would despawn after a few hours and reset, leading to confusion. Players may no longer place soul shards in containers. Instead, the game clarifies that players need to build the soul shards within their castle to keep them. Also, players can no longer hide soul shards in lockboxes before being raided.

This patch also fixes the following issues:

  • Players can no longer send the same servant on multiple hunts by placing several thrones.
  • Castle floors will no longer disconnect from the Castle Heart when two players dismantle connecting floors simultaneously.
  • Players will no longer get multiple equipment buffs by equipping two weapons simultaneously under certain circumstances.
  • Some characters in Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese used to display incorrectly at times. We updated the font used in the game to prevent this from happening.

Steam Cloud can now store V Rising Server History. The automatic save is enabled by default. To disable it, please go to the Steam Properties for V Rising. This will solve an issue with “missing character” that could occur when joining a server from a different PC.

Server icons have been added next to the name on official servers to make it easier to identify them.

Admin Commands

To improve management of privately hosted servers, we have added new admin console commands:

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  • changehealthofclosesttomouse: This command modifies the health of the target unit/object closest to the admin’s cursor, allowing admins to deal damage or heal targets.
  • changedurability: This command modifies the durability of equipped items. Note that it cannot be used to repair broken items that are not equipped.
  • addtime – This command adds up to 12 in-game hours to leap in time, affecting the current in-game hour and the respawn timers of units and objects. Use this command in quick succession to add more time. Please note that a server can never go back in time.

LAN/Offline mode

To play V Rising without an internet connection you need to follow these steps:

Before you disconnect from the internet you need to

  • Start Steam
  • Go Offline on Steam (Steam -> Go Offline…)
  • After this, you can disconnect from the internet
  • Start V Rising
  • If you are hosting a local server you need to start the server in LAN Mode by using the checkbox in the UI or starting the dedicated server with the “-lan” parameter
  • If you are connecting to a LAN server you need to check the “LAN Server” check box in the Direct Connect to Server window or by using the “ConnectLan” console command

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