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Unbox Therapy explains why PS5 is better than Xbox Series X

Published: 6/Nov/2020 18:07

by Andrew Highton


Popular YouTube channel Unbox Therapy has managed to get their lucky hands on both Sony and Microsoft’s latest technological behemoths. The video features a proper in-depth look at each console, and UT suggests why the PS5 is better than the Xbox Series X. 

One of the world’s longest and fiercest ongoing debates is in the battle for supremacy between Sony and Microsoft. Who is better?

With each company on the verge of releasing their brand new consoles, people are scrambling to squeeze every bit of information they can find. People want to make a fully-informed decision, and Unbox Therapy may be able to help.


The famous YouTube channel became famous for its systematic unboxing of products and providing insight and reviews on them. The channel – which now boasts a whopping 17.5 million subscribers – has been fortunate enough to be sent both consoles. Co-creator, Lewis Hilsenteger, explores them and a selection of accessories and games to review.

PS5 vs Xbox Series X key differences

ps5 and xbox series x
Sony, Microsoft
Which one will you go for?

With millions of pre-orders already in for each console, it’s now a case of waiting for that brand new baby to arrive. But for the less savvy consumer, what is the actual difference apart from them being different colors?

Lots of people are already accustomed to and feel brand loyalty to one or the other. This can stem from each console’s respective controller, the software, and other factors.


The controllers each have different nuances that make them totally different. Each piece of hardware has specific agreements in place with companies – allowing for exclusive titles that can only be experienced on one console. The hardware itself also has different menus and aesthetic differences that people will naturally gravitate to.

Another key sticking point is the social connectivity between groups of people. If two or three friends have a PlayStation, then other close friends will feel inclined to get the same console so they can all play Call of Duty together. There are many aspects that go into determining the “console wars.”


The console designs

unbox therapy reviewing ps5 and xbox series x
Unbox Therapy, Sony, Microsoft
Both consoles are noticeably dissimilar.

One of the things that Lewis complimented, repeatedly, was how good the PS5’s design was – and it’s accessories. On its design, he said: “This feels newer to me” and that the console is “going to command a little bit more attention.” It’s been well documented how extreme and innovative the PlayStation 5 looks. It does legitimately look like a console sent from the future.

Whereas he felt the Xbox Series X was perhaps a little more safe. For the X, he said: “I like simple forms, I could get behind this one to.” This is inferring that Microsoft has kept the basic design of their consoles very similar, as far back as the original console.


The 360 was the only one to really experiment with the color palette, but even then the Elite went back to being black. Sony, on the other hand, has gone from grey to black to silver to even white with the PS5.

The controller

ps5 and xbox series controllers

The general sentiment about the base controllers was largely the same as the console designs. Lewis seemed blown away by the ingenuity and cutting-edge of the PS5’s revolutionary features. He had this to say: “This controller ends up becoming the story of the whole thing, when you see it and feel it, you realize that’s something new.”


On the other hand, he didn’t criticize by any stretch of the imagination, but he felt the Xbox’s controller was “a little bit less exciting on the Microsoft side”. He noted how similar the controller felt to previous iterations of the system. One minor mark against the controller was the fact that it still requires batteries. He thought “it seems a little bit odd in 2020.”

This argument felt more conclusive with Lewis suggesting that the PS5 controller is “this is the more advanced controller.”

The accessories

xbox elite series 2 controller
Unbox Therapy, Sony, Microsoft
Lewis liked the controller but was critical of its high price tag.

The PS5 was partnered with the new Sony Pulse 3D wireless headset, a charging cradle, and the PS Camera. Lewis felt the cups for the headset were “not the most isolating experience ever,” but pointed out that the headset itself was “crazy lightweight.” He loved the charging station, saying, “This is super simple, wow, wow,” and couldn’t say much on the camera apart from its complementary design.

The Series X came with an Elite Series 2 controller and an Adaptive controller. Lewis raved about the Elite Series 2, citing it as being a “good looking controller” and on “another level of configuration.” Its price point was questioned as it’s nearly approaching the $200 mark, but he was complimentary of the adaptive one, saying, “that is a cool thing that Microsoft has that doesn’t exist on the Sony side.”

Overall, it’s a tough one to gauge. Microsoft offered fantastic products, but just controllers. Sony offered a fuller range of accessories, but were they as desirable as its competitor’s?

The software

astro's playroom on the ps5
Unbox Therapy, Sony, Microsoft
The PS5 has several exclusive, launch titles to choose from already.

Lewis demonstrated Spider-Man: Miles Morales and the pre-installed Astro’s Playroom. He pointed out that “you notice the shadows, the lighting, the detail” and “everything is quick, everything is a generation ahead.” He spoke highly of the quick load times and appreciated Astro’s use of motion controllers, the haptic feedback, and overall functionality.

The Series X has no discernible launch titles so he used Forza Horizon 4 to show-off the visual representation. He commented on how good it looked and talked about the impressive capabilities of the system in that games like Gears 5 can reach 120 frames-per-second.

With regards to software overall, Lewis said, “maybe at the moment, PlayStation has a bit of an advantage.” This points to the PS5’s launch day exclusives, and upcoming games that can only be played on Sony’s console.

The verdict

When it came to breaking down both consoles and giving a definitive answer, Lewis was able to answer with certainty. He said: “I’m gonna go ahead and take the PlayStation…There’s something about the styling, it’s a little bit more ambitious from a styling approach.”

He seemed very enthusiastic and impressed with Sony’s attitude to adopt a true next-gen feel and do something different. Additionally, he thought “Xbox feels a little bit more utilitarian,” due to its simplistic but equally functional design choices.

To conclude, Lewis took a somewhat impartial stance by saying: “I pick the PlayStation, but they’re both fantastic.” He clearly enjoys both consoles, but thinks the PS5 just has the edge.

Unbox Therapy full showdown

If you’d like to see the entire video in which Unbox Therapy discusses the console comparisons then check out the video below.

It may help to give you a better idea of which piece of hardware to go for!

The Xbox Series X is due to launch first on November 10, and the PS5 will release two days later on November 12 in certain countries.