Total War: Warhammer 3 reveals massive rework coming to siege battles

Total War Warhammer 3 siege battlesCreative Assembly

Total War: Warhammer 3 will finally be giving siege battles a massive overhaul, something fans of the series have been requesting for years.

Siege maps in the first two Total War games quickly got stale, due to the lack of variety no matter which race you played them as. 

The factions in the Warhammer series are so diverse compared to other Total War games that many fans think these fights could be a little more epic.

CA agrees, too, as they are giving us a major update to siege battles in the next installment. 

New Warhammer 3 siege battles

On October 11, 2021, Creative Assembly put out a new blog post detailing the extensive rework happening to siege battles in Warhammer 3. Now an assault by say, a Vampire-led undead army on an Elven citadel will be as legendary to play as it sounds.

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There are two major features CA is adding to give sieges more flavor: a much wider variety of maps, as well as the addition of supplies and buildable structures.

According to the update, each siege map will now reflect their default faction’s culture, themes, and preferences for combat. This means Dwarfs will finally be able to defend mountain strongholds bristling with plenty of firepower instead of just a plain old wall.

With the combination of your army, enemy, and the layout of the settlement, each siege battle will actually become a unique experience instead of something to just auto-resolve through.

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Cathay Warhammer 3 battleCreative Assembly
Sieges will be a key part of Cathay’s new campaign in Warhammer 3.

The addition of buildable structures should add another layer of uniqueness to battles as well. On top of different settlement layouts, players will also be able to build barricades, towers, and other structures to keep the battle going even after the enemy’s breached the outer wall.

“Fighting two identical siege battles back-to-back should be a thing of the past,” CA claims in their post, which is definitely good news for Warhammer fans looking for something big when the game releases later on in 2021.