New Apex Legends players frustrated with “predatory” FF7 Rebirth event

Shay Robson
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New Apex Legends players arriving from the recent Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth crossover are claiming they’re frustrated with the “predatory” event.

Over the last few years, the Apex Legends community has pleaded with the devs for more events and limited-time game modes.

In recent months, we’ve seen the Respawn devs act on that feedback, notably teaming up with music artist Post Malone for a special one-off event in late 2023, bringing a new LTM and unique skins.

More recently, an unexpected announcement at The Game Awards saw Apex Legends crossover with Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth for an event. However, players new to the game are frustrated, claiming the event is “predatory” with its “outrageous” prices.

New Apex player calls out devs over “predatory” event

In a Reddit post on January 27, an Apex Legends player who had only just begun playing the battle royale recently with the Final Fantasy 7 event hit out with their concerns.

“Now with the event over soon I have no more chances to unlock packs and I didn’t get any character skins or the heirloom, it’s also impossible to unlock the victory pose and deathbox as well,” the player explained. “Is this how all Apex events are?”

They added: “The prices seem outrageous and this whole event seems very predatory. I thought I would be able to grind the Gil and get packs but that was clearly never an option.”

In the replies, it’s clear many feel the same way, with multiple claiming EA “just wants to make money” from Apex players.

However, on the other hand, as veteran players explained, this event far better than usual with free rewards. “This event is actually far more generous than a normal event in terms of free stuff,” said one.

They added: “3 event packs, 3 thematic packs, 6 normal packs, and 3 epic packs is more free stuff than any other event ever.”

With the devs looking to keep the game fresh with more events, we could see some changes in the future.

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