Apex Legends community upset with lack of fan-favorite mode

Shane Black
Winter Express train in Apex Legends

Fans of Apex Legends are not happy that Respawn hasn’t brought back the beloved Winter Express mode to the popular battle royale.

For years, Respawn has released the game mode for a limited time during the holiday season, and it has become a fan-favorite event in Apex Legends.

However, halfway through the month of December, there has been no sign or mention of the game mode returning.

Fans are not happy with this missing mode and are expressing their frustration online.

Apex Legends fans are voicing their displeasure with Respawn

Players are taking to social media to voice how they are not only disappointed with Winter Express being missing, but that they are also upset with the game as a whole.

In a Reddit post titled “No winter express is the last straw”, with the author of the post making their feelings clear: “I think my long journey of 3000+ hours on apex legends has come to an end with this season.”

They are certainly not mincing their words, and many commenters are agreeing the original poster’s sentiment about Apex Legends being a, “steaming turd of a game.”

On the other side, there are plenty of players who don’t mind that Winter Express hasn’t been added, saying: “Classic yearly cycle of People not wanting another year of recycled LTM and then complaing when Respawn doesn’t recycle LTM.”

Others have given a more straightforward response: “Bye, Felicia.”

There are still 13 days left until Christmas, which means the mode can still come out in time for the holiday. However, it is clear that this is the boiling point for many players who have had issues for awhile.

That said, the Three Strikes Limited Time Mode was brought back due to player demand recently, and there are other LTMs that have been well-received recently.

There is still plenty to look forward for those who stay as well, as the game has a surprise collaboration with Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth early next year.