The Witcher 4 fans call for simple economy rework in sequel

witcher 3 geralt with sword headerCD Projekt Red

Witcher 4 fans want CD Projekt Red to make a simple change to the game’s economy to make it more true to the series lore.

With developer CD Projekt Red giving details about The Witcher 4 swirling in 2022, fans of the series are buzzing about the possibilities this new trilogy could bring.

While The Witcher 3 garnered widespread critical acclaim from fans and critics alike, there were still aspects of the experience that players want to see improved in the upcoming sequel.

One of those aspects that players want to be improved is the game’s economy, as apparently many players were frustrated with how they earned money in the world of The Witcher 3.

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The Witcher 4 fans want in-game economy change

A post on the Witcher subreddit went viral after one fan made a post titled, “One of the things I hope changes in the Witcher 4 is the game’s economy. You should make most of your money from hunting monsters, not selling found loot.”

For those who may not know, in the world of The Witcher created by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, Witchers make their living as monster slayers for hire. However, in The Witcher 3, most people found that killing monsters for NPCs really only made up a small amount of their profits, while the rest were gathered by looting houses, bandits, and tombs.

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Other fans agreed they’d like more of an emphasis on contracts making money throughout the game. “This would be awesome, dynamic rates for contracts is another thing I want to see. Why is the pay for a Foglet or Nekker in the swamp comparable to pay for an arch griffin in Oxenfort? Harder contracts like that deserve over 1000 crowns, not 300 when a Foglet paid 250…”

Still, some fans took issue with the post, as in the world of The Witcher book series, Witchers often get paid low amounts for very dangerous work. “Witchers don’t get paid a lot for contracts canonically, but it would make it easier for contracts to be the primary if there were more of them or they spawn more frequently, especially those that we can manage at lower levels.”

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While CD Projekt Red would likely have to take big steps to alter the game’s economy, it’s clear that many fans think hunting monsters serve a bigger role in making a living in The Witcher 4.