The Finals players argue vehicles wouldn’t fit the game

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The Finals player shows off "10/10" explosive tech movementEmbark Studios

An Embark Studios post from a few years ago showed vehicles in an early build of The Finals, and players are brainstorming a potential inclusion would work.

Since its arrival, Embark Studios’ title has been a breath of fresh air for the FPS scene, with fans loving the fast-paced FPS game show. Its heavy focus on teamplay is another highlight, although balancing has left fans divided since the game arrived.

Embark Studios is composed of Battlefield veterans, and it certainly bleeds into the gameplay as buildings crumble amidst player encounters. Not to mention, the stellar gunplay and animations from the FPS franchise have left their mark on The Finals.

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Another core aspect of Battlefield was its vehicles, and after an early dev trailer showed vehicles in The Finals, fans found themselves split on the idea of vehicles in the game.

The Finals players debate vehicle additions

Embark Studios celebrated its third anniversary in 2021 with a brief look at what the studio was working on. The footage would be an early look at The Finals, featuring impressive explosive mechanics, the maligned canister that would become entwined with the C4 meta, and impressive destruction.

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There was, however, a brief look at vehicles as players battled in the streets, dodging cars, while another drove a scooter in pursuit of an enemy driver. Nobody thought anything of it, but with the game in the hands of the public and vehicles not present, it’s left fans wondering how this would function.

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With four maps currently in rotation, and with such a heavy emphasis on small-scale engagements, the overwhelming consensus was similar to this player’s response: “The maps seem a bit too small for those.”

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In rebuttal to the map size being an issue, one player said: “People crammed ATVs and Tanks in buildings in Battlefield, I doubt that’d be an issue.” Another shared that a potential tweak to the formula could make this happen by recommending a large-scale mode, while another stated it would well as an environmental hazard.

Others shared their nefarious strategies vehicles would allow. “A truck with a cashout station on it, and being chased by motorbikes with mesh shields, sounds cool,” one player strategized.

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It’s most likely that vehicle implementation has been scrapped at the current moment, but time will tell what The Finals holds.

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