Team Fortress 2 voice actors go viral with IRL ‘Sandvich Saga’ reunion

an image of the team fortress 2 cast membersTwitter: John Patrick Lowrie

Cast members from Valve’s Team Fortress 2 recently reunited as they ran amok in character, in hopes of completing the ‘Sandvich Saga’ and they’ve gone pretty viral.

Team Fortress 2 launched in 2007 and quickly asserted itself into the pantheon of iconic multiplayer shooters. Praised for its sharp humor, art direction, and addictive gameplay, another element that players have consistently enjoyed is the talented voice-acting cast.

Whether you’re a Pyro, Scout, or Sniper, each character was made memorable in part to the hilarious performances behind them.

The fun doesn’t end with the game though, as several Team Fortress 2 cast members have reunited for a brilliant IRL adventure.

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Team Fortress 2’s Sniper voice actor runs wild during cast reunion

Since September 7, John Patrick Lowrie has added new installments to the ‘Sandvich Saga’. Assuming the role of his character, The Sniper, Lowrie’s comical videos have seen other cast mates return to find the fictional secondary weapon.

Alongside Lowrie, Team Fortress 2 players have seen the return of Robin Atkin Downes (Medic), Ellen McLain (Administrator), and Gary Schwartz (Heavy and Demoman).

“It’s not just a sandwich, we gotta find something that the Medic is willing to eat,” jokes Lowrie in the saga’s initial installment.

Lowrie has posted several updates throughout September, though October has seen some interesting turns in the tale.

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On October 15, Lowrie joined forces with Dennis Bateman and Gary Schwartz, as they donned some makeshift costumes for the occasion. The trio scoured the vessel in hopes of retrieving their precious prize but were met by Portal franchise alumni Ellen McLain and Twin Peaks star Elizabeth Ann McCarthy.

They had the last laugh, however, as McCarthy left the scene with nothing more than a half-eaten sandwich on the table.

Team Fortress 2 players have been loving these interactions, with @mundygator commenting that they “can’t explain how much I love these videos, thank you.”

“I love you guys. They have a special place in my heart,” another player said.

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The cast’s antics have gone viral too, as one player’s admiration for the saga continues to be shared among long-time fans.

As the search continues, we can’t wait to see who else will join the fun.