Ludwig forces Mizkif to stop stream after finally cashing in Twitch host bet

After waiting almost two weeks for the perfect moment, Ludwig finally cashed in his bet that he made with Mizkif, forcing the OTK member to end his stream and host him on the spot. 

Streamers love to make bets with each other, as it doesn’t only make incredible content but also brings two communities together. In July, Ludwig was challenged by Simply, a former Mario 64 world record holder to race off against his roommate Mizkif.

With two of the biggest streamers on Twitch, Ludwig and Mizkif coming together, they both agreed that the stakes had to be high. Lud thought the best thing he could win from Miz was his channel.

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The two streamers agreed to race for pink slips. Whoever lost the race, had to, at any point end their stream right away and host the winner.

Despite his controller issues, Ludwig ultimately took the set 2-0 over Mizkif, winning the bet.

On August 6, almost two weeks after the race, Ludwig finally decided it was time to cash in, leading to one of the best reactions we’ve seen on Twitch. After seven and a half hours on stream, streaming to 20,000 viewers, Ludwig told Mizkif to play the outro, donating 1000 bits to get Mizkif’s attention, leaving a simple message saying: “It’s time.”

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After a short while, Mizkif saw the message but he was left confused as he forgot about the bet, saying: “It’s time? What does that mean? It’s time for what?” Suddenly, reality hit the OTK member, as he was reminded by his chat of the bet he made in the weeks prior.

Mizkif played the situation cool, saying: “That’s it for me, I’m feeling a little tired today. My stomach hurts, I just want to go hang out with the kids, so I’ve got to go.” A few minutes later, Mizkif went offline and Ludwig received the host, boosting him with an extra 20,000 viewers.

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Understandably, the Mizkif viewers weren’t very happy, as their favorite streamer just got forced off stream. Ludwig responded by saying: “Look, admit it I did it in the nicest way possible, admit it. I did it in the nicest way possible. I waited seven and a half hours into his stream. Imagine how f**ked it would be if I did it during some reaction or whatever.”