Swagg bans Twitch viewer after they prank him with oldest trick in the book

Swagg bans Twitch viewer after they prank him with oldest trick in the bookSwagg / Pexels

Twitch streamer Kris ‘Swagg’ Lamberson banned a viewer after he fell for a classic gaming prank causing his game to quit. 

Swagg is one of Twitch’s biggest names on the platform. While he usually is playing battle royale games like Warzone, he decided to take a break and tackle some UNO with the Nuke Squad.

When he was struggling to figure out a setting, one of his viewers decided to lend a helping hand in the chat, or so he thought.

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FaZe SwaggInstagram: swagg_
Swagg fell for one of the oldest tricks in the book during a Twitch stream.

Swagg falls for oldest gaming trick 

Swagg was wrapping up a Warzone stream on December 1 when he hopped on UNO to relax and vibe with his friends.

He was trying to turn off the in-game music but couldn’t locate the settings button. So he did what every normal streamer does, he asked the chat for help, and one viewer took this golden opportunity to prank him.

In the clip, we see the disastrous situation unfold as Swagg took the advice from chat and hit ALT + F4, which closed his game.

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This is one of the oldest online pranks in the gaming community and Swagg wasn’t going to let this act go unpunished. “Who told me to do ALT F4, who was that? I’m checking chat… Ban that guy.” Swagg wanted to make sure that he would not be bamboozled by this person ever again.

Meanwhile, other members of the Nuke Squad were mindblown that Swagg fell for this classic prank. You can hear JSmooth tell Swagg not to take his frustration out on the viewer. “Don’t ban him because you messed up.”

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It is unknown if Swagg actually banned the viewer from his stream but nonetheless it delivered a timeless moment.

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