Streamer discovers hidden menu in Atlas taken straight from Ark

The launch of new survival MMO Atlas has been rocky to say the least, with multiple delays and server issues, and now discovery that it even reuses some of the exact same menu’s as Ark.

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‘Ark: Survival Evolved’ comes from the same development team as Atlas, so players had already joke that it would be a ‘reskin’ but with pirates.

However, that joke may not be too far from the truth, as players have now discovered that there is a hidden menu within Atlas which is a direct copy from Ark.

Atlas’ launch has been far from smooth.
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First uncovered by Twitch streamer ‘Mukkayo’, the menu is only accessible when using an Xbox controller, and scrolling down past the ‘Exit’ option on the main menu.

By selecting with ‘A’ on the Xbox controller, the menu will appear on screen – almost identical to that used in Ark: Survival Evolved.

Esports consultant and journalist Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau shared the discovery, asking “Atlas is basically a re-skinned version of Ark. How is this the number one game on Twitch?”

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Other players began finding the menu for themselves, and to prove the point further, Mukkayo even launched both games side-by-side, opening both menu’s to show the similarities.

Atlas’ popularity on Twitch may in fact be to its detriment, as streamers continue to find issues with game.

On December 19, tens of thousands of viewers eagerly awaited the launch of the game, watching a countdown timer, but after the countdown hit zero, nothing happened for another hour, and the developers announced that it was delayed once again.