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Streamer discovers hidden menu in Atlas taken straight from Ark

Published: 23/Dec/2018 12:16 Updated: 24/Dec/2018 9:34

by Calum Patterson


The launch of new survival MMO Atlas has been rocky to say the least, with multiple delays and server issues, and now discovery that it even reuses some of the exact same menu’s as Ark.

‘Ark: Survival Evolved’ comes from the same development team as Atlas, so players had already joke that it would be a ‘reskin’ but with pirates.

However, that joke may not be too far from the truth, as players have now discovered that there is a hidden menu within Atlas which is a direct copy from Ark.

Atlas’ launch has been far from smooth.

First uncovered by Twitch streamer ‘Mukkayo’, the menu is only accessible when using an Xbox controller, and scrolling down past the ‘Exit’ option on the main menu.

By selecting with ‘A’ on the Xbox controller, the menu will appear on screen – almost identical to that used in Ark: Survival Evolved.

Esports consultant and journalist Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau shared the discovery, asking “Atlas is basically a re-skinned version of Ark. How is this the number one game on Twitch?”

Other players began finding the menu for themselves, and to prove the point further, Mukkayo even launched both games side-by-side, opening both menu’s to show the similarities.

Atlas’ popularity on Twitch may in fact be to its detriment, as streamers continue to find issues with game.

On December 19, tens of thousands of viewers eagerly awaited the launch of the game, watching a countdown timer, but after the countdown hit zero, nothing happened for another hour, and the developers announced that it was delayed once again.

Call of Duty

Drift0r explains why Warzone “isn’t worth” playing anymore

Published: 26/Jan/2021 22:07

by Tanner Pierce


Popular Call of Duty YouTuber Drift0r has released a new video explaining why he thinks Warzone isn’t worth playing anymore due to the number of cheaters in the game, confirming that he is on the brink of “jumping ship” with the battle royale title.

If you’ve been wondering if/when larger content creators and streamers would abandon Warzone due to the lack of an anti-cheat software then wonder no more.

Today, Drift0r – one of the more prominent content creators in the CoD scene – has made a video slamming Warzone for its inability to deal with all the rampant cheating and it seems like the issue has brought him to a breaking point with the game.

“It’s difficult enough with skill-based matchmaking as it is, having to play the sweatiest top 1% players, that’s a challenge in-and-0f-itself that I don’t particularly like for battle royale, but adding in blatant aim-botters on top of that makes the game painfully unfun,” Drift0r said.

According to Drift0r, the cheating in Warzone has become such a problem that he’s considering leaving the game behind.

In the 10-minute long video, the YouTuber says the cheating problem is making him not want to play the game anymore, claiming that he runs into at least “two to three cheaters a night.”

Because of this, and the fact that interest in the game is waning, he contends that he doesn’t feel like the game is worth playing because of the cheating problem.

“I really like Warzone, you can look at my videos, it’s my number 1 most favorite CoD thing to play, but I’m planning to jump ship,” he said. “I got up this morning and I made the decision: I’m going to go ahead and keep making videos but I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t think it’s worth playing anymore.”

Cheating is a major problem for the CoD community right now. The PC version of Warzone is riddled with cheaters and hackers, whether they use external software or manipulate the skill-based matchmaking system to get lower-tier lobbies, to the point where major tournaments have been ruined and lost integrity.

All indications are that Drift0r is not alone in sharing this sentiment; the content creators he’s talked to feel a similar way, claiming they are all ready to “jump ship” as well once a viable game comes along that protects them from cheaters.

Because of this, it seems like the future of Warzone is going to be a turbulent one if Activision doesn’t do anything about the state of the game soon, especially when it comes to the cheating problem.