Solo Leveling Arise July 10 update patch notes: Yoo Soohyun SSR hunter, Phoenix Soul SSR weapon, more

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Solo Leveling July 10 patch notes

Solo Leveling: Arise has released its July 10 update, which has added the brand-new SSR hunter character Yoo Soohyun, Sung Jinwoo’s Demon’s Soul SSR weapon, five more hunter-exclusive weapons, and more.

Every 21 days, Netmarble launches a major content update to shake up Arise, which centers around the release of a new SSR hunter, extra content additions, and gameplay fixes. The devs have revealed each content update for the rest of the year in their 2024 Roadmap.

What’s changed in the July 10 patch?

Netmarble’s July 10 update is the third major content update Arise has received. The star of the show this time has been the introduction of Fire Mage Yoo Soohyun, who is an A-rank hunter and model from the original series, as well as being Jinho’s cousin.

Along with Sung Jinwoo’s new Phoenix Soul weapon, there are new banners, SSR hunter-exclusive weapons, events, customes and balance adjustments. The fresh wave of content also contains bug fixes and gameplay enhancements.

Solo Leveling: Arise July 10 update patch notes

Yoo Soohyun Glamorous Model Hunter banner in Solo Leveling: Arise.
You can draw Yoo Soohyun from her Glamorous Model Hunter Rate Up banner.

Here’s everything included in the Solo Leveling: Arise July 10 update patch notes:

Yoo Soohyun SSR hunter and exclusive Overdrive weapon

  • An SSR Fire Attribute Mage Yoo Soohun and her exclusive weapon Overdrive will be added.
  • The new Hunter’s profile icon, Dossier, and Codex will also be added.
  • This Hunter can be obtained through the Glamorous Model Hunter Rate Up Draw, and you can experience the power of this Hunter in advance through Hunter Preview.
  • The exclusive weapon can be obtained through Crafting or Event.

Sung Jinwoo’s Phoenix Soul weapon

  • An exclusive weapon for Sung Jinwoo, SSR Fire attribute Phoenix Soul, will be added.
  • This weapon can be obtained through Custom Draw.

Five SSR hunter-exclusive weapons

  • Exclusive Weapons for certain SR Hunters will be added.
HunterRarity & Name
Kang TaeshikSSR Unstoppable Frenzy
Song ChiyulSSR Still Got It
Lee JooheeSSR What Never Was
Kim SangshikSSR Someone’s Downfall
Nam Chae-YoungSSR Slayer’s Mercy


  • SSR Yoo Soohyun will be added as part of the Glamorous Model Hunter Rate Up banner.
  • SSR Alicia Blanche and SSR Phoenix Soul will be added to the Custom Draw and will be able to be selected in the Rate Up List.

Maintenance rewards

  • 500 Essence Stones
  • 2 Gate Keys
  • 15 Weapon Enahncement Gear II
  • 5 Hunter Archive Keys


Summer Event Prelude Check-In Event:

  • A check-in event will proceed where daily rewards are obtainable when logging into the game during the event period.

Glamorous Model Hunter Yoo Soohyun Rate Up Draw Event:

  • Participate in the Rate Up Draw event for the new hunter, [Yoo Soohyun].
  • Rate Up Draw Hunters may be added to the Custom Draw list in the future.

Yoo Soohyun Release Celebration! Lucky Capsule Event:

  • Participate in the Lucky Capsule Event to win various rewards with each draw using Lucky Capsule Event Tickets.

The World’s Strongest Model-Hunter! “Time Bomb” Yoo Soohyun’s Growth Tournament Event:

  • Compete in our Growth Tournament to claim various rewards as you level up your Hunters and accumulate points.

7/10 (Wed) Points Event:

  • Complete designated missions in various points event categories to earn points and obtain rewards based on the accumulated points.


  • New costumes for certain Hunters will be added.
  • Costumes can be purchased in the shop or obtained through events, and the method of obtaining them may differ for each costume.


  • New content guide webtoon cutscenes in Chapter 18.5 of the main Story will be added.

Hunter Archive and Secret Library

  • The original stories of Yoo Soohyun and Baek Yoonho will be added to the Hunter Archive.
  • The Secret Library for Yoo Soohyun will be added.
  • Hunter Archive Keys will be able to be purchased with Essence Stones.
  • The usage and maximum possession of Hunter Archive Keys will be improved.


  • Legendary Skill Rune and Legendary Blessing Stone Refinement will be added to the Crafting menu.
  • As mentioned in the previous Developer Note, you will be able to use the duplicate Legendary Skill Runes and Blessing Stones.
  • SR Hunter Exclusive Weapon Crafting tab and list will also be added.


  • The Super Success Rate of Skill Runes, Blessing Stones, and Gems will be adjusted.
  • The maximum mileage bonus rate will be maintained.

Evasion Control

  • You will be able to evade multiple hit skills from certain monsters.

Lobby Hunter Change

  •  You will be able to change the Hunter to control in the main lobby.


Instance Dungeon & Encore Missions

  • The Max Multiplier will change.
BasicMax Multiplier: x 2Max Multiplier: x 4
Daily Growth SupportBenefits ActivatedMax Multiplier: x 4Max Multiplier: x 8

Power of Destruction

  • The intro video after entering the dungeon will be able to be skipped.
  • The score display interface after battles will be improved to integrate and show combined records when there are scores from multiple teams.

Battlefield of Trials

  • Floor 41 – 50 will be added to both Player and Hunter modes of the Battlefield of Trials.
  • Rewards are obtainable for the first clear of each floor and the initial completion of each mission.

Battlefield of Chaos

  •  A mileage system where you can obtain rewards based on the clear count will be added.
  • The corresponding mileage progression will be reset at the weekly reset time of 00:00 (UTC) every Wednesday.
  • The drop rate of higher rank Gems will increase.

 Workshop of Brilliant Light

Special Summons Lineup & SSR Acquisition Support

  • SSR Hunters Alicia Blanche, Cha Hae-In, Silver Mane Baek Yoonho, and Choi Jong-In will be added to the Special Summons lineup.
  • SSR Sung Jinwoo Weapons Skadi and Moonshadow will also be added to the Special Summons lineup.
  • A support system for acquiring SSRs, which accumulates based on the number of Special Summons, will be added.
  • Depending on the accumulated support count, there is an increased chance of two or more SSRs appearing in Special Summons results.

Gem Stats Improvements

  • Stats for the Rank 3 and Rank 4 Gems will be increased.

Balance Adjustments

  • The balance for certain Hunters and Rune Skills will be adjusted.

System Improvements

  • Improved some in-game text and interfaces.
  • Decreased the number of Shades consumed when using Shadows in battle.
  • Improved the Orb of Avarice [Purgatory] skill to deduct the stacking count of [Raging Black Flame] upon hitting enemies.
  • Enhanced the display of the total quantity of equipped items added up and shown at the bottom of the Weapon and Artifact selling and salvaging screens.
  • Enhanced the information popup for currency items like entry keys in the inventory to display acquisition sources.
  • Improved sorting orders and visibility of numbers in the [Play] tab within the Profile.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue with Mutilate: Stroke of Lightning Rune Skill’s hit count not applying correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the filter in the Artifact selling and salvaging pop-up did not work properly under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an intermittent issue during Power of Destruction gameplay where applying Break to bosses occasionally caused characters to fall into difficult-to-attack positions.
  • Fixed the issue where the fixed damage effect was applied to the High Orc Spellcaster in [Many Hands Make Light Work] in Story Chapter 17.
  • Fixed the issue in Workshop of Brilliant Light where the stacking count of SSR The Huntsman’s [Destroy] effect disappeared under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where the screen rotated when using the Smart Lock-on feature in certain content.
  • Fixed the issue where the remaining time expires during the “Final Attack” when defeating the boss in certain Stories.

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