Best Yoo Soohyun Solo Leveling Arise build: Stats, skills, weapons, Artifacts

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Here are all the best Yoo Soohyun skills, stats, weapons and Artifacts to create the ultimate build for the hunter character in Solo Leveling: Arise.

Yoo Soohyun has been released as a brand-new SSR hunter by Netmarble via their July 10 update for Arise. The Korean Fire Mage from the original Solo Leveling manhwa series is a famous model and is even the cousin of Sung Jinwoo’s best friend and fellow hunter Jinho.

Best Yoo Soohyun stats

Attack, Defense Penetration and Critical Hit Damage are the most important stats to upgrade when creating the best Yoo Soohyun build in Solo Leveling: Arise.

It is vital to keep leveling up Yoo Soohyun’s best stats.

Although you can’t use points to directly increase stats as you can with Sung Jinwoo, it’s still important to continually level up these stats with your item choices to buff Soohyun’s strengths as a high DPS dealer. These include getting, equipping, and constantly upgrading the best-suited skills, weapons, and Artifacts.

Best Yoo Soohyun Skills

Yoo Soohyun’s best skills are Perfect Shot, Kill Shot, Pulse Fire, and her Zeroed-in Blast Ultimate Skill.

Yoo Soohyun skills in Solo Leveling: Arise.
Yoo Soohyun’s Ultimate Skill deals a massive 2750% of her Attack as Fire Damage.
SkillSkill typeBenefits
Perfect ShotBasic AttackYoo Soohyun fires a powerful shot from her rifle that deals 800% of her Attack as Fire Damage and inflicts the Airborne effect on enemies when hit.
Kill ShotBasic SkillShe fires multiple shots from her gun, which deals 1450% of her Attack as Fire Damage. It also deals Fire element damage as if it is the target’s weakness, regardless of their element.
Pulse FireSpecial QTE SkillDeals 800% of Soohyun’s Attack as Fire Damage just like Perfect Shot, however, it also applies the Spotlight effect to Sung Jinwoo if he is on the battlefield.

The Spotlight effect increases Defense Penetration by 16% and increases the damage dealt by equal to 16% of Jinwoo’s Defense Penetration. It has a duration of 16 seconds.
Zeroed-in BlastUltimate SkillUltimate Skill Despite being a simple Ultimate Skill compared to other hunters, its enormous 2750% Attack damage dealt to enemies as Fire Damage makes it worth waiting for.

Best Yoo Soohyun weapons

Overdrive is by far the best weapon for Yoo Soohyun to equip. This is her own hunter-exclusive weapon that grants unique benefits during fights, making it easily the best choice.

Overdrive hunter-exclusive weapon for Yoo Soohyun in Solo Leveling: Arise.
Soohyun’s Overdrive rifle is the best weapon the hunter can use in Solo Leveling: Arise.

The hunter is always the best option for any Arise character. For non-exclusive weapons, the Steel Bow is the highest Critical Damage dealer, so it’s a strong substitute if you still need to get Overdrive.

WeaponSkills & Abilities
OverdriveSoohyun’s magical firearm increases her Defense Penetration by 4% and increases the damage of her Core Attack, Kill Shot and Hell Fire skills by 8%.
Steel BowDeals high damage and Critical Hit Damage with ranged attacks. Increases Critical Hit Damage by 9% and can be leveled up to max it out at 24%.

Best Yoo Soohyun Artifacts

The Armed (Black Lion) Armor set and Expert (Beast) Jewelry set are the best Artifacts you can equip to make the best Yoo Soohyun build in Solo Leveling: Arise.

Executioner (Behemoth) is also a strong choice for a Jewelry Artifact set in her build due to its superior Attack buffs that will greatly boost her overall DPS. Whether you choose Expert or Behemoth, these will still ensure Soohyun becomes a damage dealing machine against any Gate enemies she faces.

The right Armor Artifacts and Jewelry Artifacts are key to enhance Yoo Soohyun’s stats further.
Armor Artifact setsTwo-piece benefitsFour-piece benefits
Armed (Black Lion)Attack damage increases by 5%.Attacking ignores 15% of the target’s Defense and attacks.
Jewelry Artifact setsTwo-piece benefitsFour-piece benefits
Expert (Beast)Critical Hit has a 25% chance to increase attack by 0.8%.Critical Hit has a 50% chance to increase attack by 1.6%.
Executioner (Behemoth)Damage increases by 8% while attacking enemies with 40% or less HealthHealth condition changes to 70% and damage increases to 20% when attacking enemies

How to get Yoo Soohyun in Solo Leveling: Arise

Yoo Soohyun Glamorous Model Hunter banner in Solo Leveling: Arise.

To get Yoo Soohyun in Solo Leveling: Arise, you will need to draw the SSR hunter from her Glamorous Model Hunter Rate Up banner.

You will be able to draw the character from the banner using Draw Tickets from July 10, 2024, until the banner ends on July 31, 2024.

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