Mysterious Silent Hill: The Short Message game confirmed after leaks

Brianna Reeves
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An age rating for Silent Hill: The Message recently surfaced in Korea, suggesting that leaked details about a new game may be true.

Rumors and supposed leaks about a new Silent Hill project have circulated for the last few years. Such talk picked up steam earlier this year when leaker Dusk Golem furnished art pieces and claimed Konami had multiple Silent Hill adventures in the works.

To the chagrin of countless fans, however, the publisher itself remains mum on the matter. Konami has yet to even tease future plans for the horror series.

However, a new development suggests concrete information of some kind could pop up sooner rather than later.

New game Silent Hill: The Short Message receives an age rating

A listing on the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea website mentions an unannounced title known as Silent Hill: The Short Message. The game rating says nothing about which platforms The Short Message will launch across.

Gematsu notes that UNIANA is referenced as the project’s publisher, a worthwhile tidbit given that UNIANA often assumes the role of publisher for Konami releases in Korea.

The Korean age rating could serve as a hint that the wait for new Silent Hill details may soon come to an end.

silent hill game
Getting closer to an actual Silent Hill reveal?

Most interesting is the subtitle for the newly rated experience, The Short Message. Many will recall that Dusk Golem referenced the following in this year’s leak – “Anita & Maya” and “SMS Messages.”

The latter, of course, constitutes the abbreviation for Short Message Service. Silent Hill’s Korean gaming rating gives further credence to the Dusk Golem claims, then.

As always, though, fans should take the above information with a grain of salt for the time being. But, hopefully, Konami will have something to show soon enough.