Silent Hill leaks suggest Sony working on horror game revival

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After many years in the shadows, it appears as if Silent Hill could finally be getting a new game as some leaked screenshots and details of the game have been copyrighted, fueling reports that the legendary horror franchise is set to return with Sony by its side.

The failed Silent Hills / PT project was disappointing for so many long-time fans of the series who have been desperate for the horror icon to finally return. It’s now been 10 full years since the last full entry in the Silent Hill franchise and many feel a new game is overdue.

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Rumors and suggestions of a sequel or a reboot have been flirted with for years, but for the first time in a long time, there may finally be a reason to be hopeful.

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PT gave us a taster of what a modern Silent Hill game could look like and we still want more.

Sony helping to bring back Silent Hill?

One of the pioneers of the horror genre, Silent Hill terrified players for years with its atmospheric and claustrophobic settings. Its change in direction towards combat alienated many players in the game’s later years, but it still managed to retain a lot of its core scares.

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But according to reputable leaker Dusk Golem, it seems that a new Silent Hill game is now in the works:

“Silent Hill leak. There’s a lot I’m not sharing for now. This is from a relatively new source for me, but I have been given more than enough proof to believe them. I also will mention the names “Anita & Maya”, “SMS Messages”, & this is not the only SH game in dev. The shots…”

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It continued in a second Tweet: “…are a bit dated, from 2020, so maybe this project looks a bit different now. But [this is] what I’m choosing to share. I know many will doubt this, but I have a lot of private proof to show this is real, & as always, I continue to wait on the Silent Hill game reveal.”

Below the message was originally a series of screenshots leaked from the project which have now been removed due to a copyright claim, which is curious.

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The leaker, also known as AestheticGamer, was called out over the purported leak, to which they replied: “I promise you, every Silent Hill leak I’ve said is 100% true has been.”

Things get even more interesting as not long after these Tweets, Dusk Golem’s Twitter account was DMCA’d for the leaked Silent Hill pictures. They then “Deleted the leftover pic just to not get my account banned” in response.

If all of this wasn’t enough, another very well-respected insider by the name of Okami Games stepped in on the situation and told their followers: “Silent Hill screenshots and details have leaked and they appear to be legit.  Sony is allegedly involved in the project and it’s being developed by multiple studios. Not going to post the screenshots but here’s a summary of the info.”

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What followed were even more details shared by Dusk Golem elsewhere and they outlined a few key details about the project:

  • Sony is reportedly involved, but from Dusk’s past Tweets it may only be marketing rights”
  • “Screenshots are from a 2020 build”
  • “Supposedly Masahiro Ito is attached to the project” (an artist who has worked on several Silent Hill games)
  • “Dusk seemed to imply that it’s a possibility that this game has already been canned/or will be and is not sure (red flag)”

This is a lot of information and all the different factors involved make it hard to decipher if the game is still being worked on. Given the sensitive nature of the leaks and the DMCA warnings, there’s every chance that Konami could address all of this sooner rather than later.

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