Silent Hill game “relaunch” confirmed by film director

silent hill relaunch teased pyramid head

The director who helmed the Silent Hill film adaptation claims that a relaunch of the game series is in active development. 

Silent Hill rumors and supposed leaks have flooded the internet for years. Some point to Sony possessing control of a remake or reboot project.

Meanwhile, other reports indicate publisher Konami has at least three different games in production. One such project will allegedly come in the form of a Silent Hill 2 remake, according to leaker NateTheHate.

Supposedly, the other two experiences will release as “side stories” and an all-new mainline installment. Konami itself remains mum on the matter, leaving the rumor mill to spin out of control.

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Film director teases Silent Hill game relaunch

silent hill game relaunch movie posterMake way for yet another Silent Hill rumor.

In a ResetEra thread, leaker Dusk Golem relayed details from an interview that French website JEUXACTU conducted with Silent Hill movie director Christophe Gans.

During the sit-down translated by Gamingsym, Gans acknowledged internet theories suggesting the Silent Hill game series will be “relaunched,” thus making his next film “part of a global policy.”

The director called these rumors accurate, adding that his upcoming Silent Hill project “is ” Furthermore, the filmmaker told JEUXACTU that Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 remakes have “galvanized” Konami.

silent hill relaunch rumor nurseKonami has yet to detail what’s next for Silent Hill.

As usual, such reports simply douse more fuel on the ever-burning Silent Hill fire. And there’s no telling when Konami plans on stepping forward to put it out.

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Silent Hill as a brand has remained dormant since the 2012 release of Book of Memories on PlayStation Vita.

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima attempted to revive the property with P.T./Silent Hills; however, a falling out with Konami resulted in the developer exiting the since-shelved project.