Shroud admits to using “dirty” stream-sniping tactic in Marvel Snap

Shroud at his streaming setup.Twitch: Shroud

Shroud has been dipping his toes into Marvel Snap and has admitted that he unintentionally stream-sniped a competitor and felt “dirty” for doing it.

Shroud is one of gaming’s most notable names. He has quite an extensive portfolio when it comes to the world of shooters but now he’s turned his attention to Marvel Snap and is starting to strike fear in the hearts of players of the card game genre as well.

While it’s easy to watch his FPS gameplay and wonder if the man has any flaws at all when it comes to competitive gaming, he did recently admit to stream sniping an unlucky player while playing the comic-book-based deckbuilder.

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Shroud explains how he “accidentally” stream-sniped a player in Marvel Snap

The legendary streamer explained the situation by saying that he didn’t mean to peek at the other player’s hand, he was simply checking to see if they were actually live on Twitch at the time of the match because they had the sites popular ‘TTV’ initialism in their name.

“They were live and I saw their hand and I instantly closed it…I felt really bad. I won the game. Eight points, we both snapped. Easy as f**k,” he said.

He did clarify that the right thing to do in the situation would have been to leave the game but that he couldn’t resist playing it out anyway.

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“To be fair, the knowledge I got out of that interaction didn’t help me win, but I still saw his hand which was f***ed up.”

At the end of the day, it’s not a huge problem if it only happened in one game, but it’s a good reminder to think before prying on another player’s stream in PvP games altogether.

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