RuneScape money making: How to earn Gold fast

Nathan Warby
RuneScape money-making guide

It’s easy to get swept up in the epic fantasy universe of RuneScape, but you’re going to need plenty of in-game Gold if you want to make the most of your time. Luckily, there are some fast ways of money-making that every player should know about.

Players have been getting lost in the world of RuneScape for over 20-years, and its endless stream of quests to complete and fantastical beasts to slay still has them hooked to this day.

A lot has changed from the original version in 2001 to the RuneScape 3 iteration we have today, but there’s one resource that has always been essential – money.

Gold in RuneScape is vital when it comes to upgrading weapons and armor, so here are the quickest and easy ways to earn Gold in Gielnor.


RuneScape free MMORPG
RuneScape was released back in 2001, and players are still hunting for ways to make easy money.

How to make money in RuneScape

There are plenty of ways of earning money in RuneScape, including Flipping, Tanning Leather, and harvesting Cursed Energy. But figuring out exactly how to grind these techniques properly takes time.

It can be daunting when you first set foot into a game that has been growing for two decades, but don’t worry. While you won’t be able to make money as quickly or efficiently as seasoned pros, there are still plenty of methods of earning Gold and making your character more powerful.

Sadly, many of these tools and techniques require you to have a paid RuneScape membership, but others can be pulled off by anyone. Here, we explain the best ways of making money in RuneScape, both with and without subscribing.

RuneScape money-making (no membership)

Kill Chickens

It may sound a tad silly, but sacrificing chickens is actually one of the easiest, and most fun, ways to earn money in RuneScape. They’re fairly easy to track down, all you have to do is head over to Fred the Farmer’s farm and start hacking away.

Raw chicken, bones, and feathers can all be sold at the Grand Exchange for a reasonable amount of Gold, although the bones can be buried if you’re looking to increase your Prayer stat.  It may not reap megabucks, but it is also the perfect way for beginners to get the hang of the game’s combat mechanics.

RuneScape player killing chickens
Sometimes in RuneScape, Gold comes from the strangest places.

Superheat Runite Ore

Superheating is arguably the single easiest way of money-making in RuneScape, but it’s also possibly the most boring. However, if you haven’t got a membership, it’s extremely lucrative if you’re willing to invest the time.

Fill up your inventory with Runite Ores and keep casting your Superheat spell over and over again, turning the Ores into Rune Bars. These can be turned in for 417 Gold per bar, and you’ll see your Smithing and Magic XP sore in the process.


If you’re seriously looking to make huge profits, then Flipping is certainly the best route to go. While does it offer big rewards for those willing to put in the time, it’s the most unpredictable and inconsistent method on this list.

Flipping essentially consists of investing in tradeable items, such as Nature Runes or Magic Logs, and moving them on at a higher price. It requires you to navigate the game’s ever-changing economy, and keep a keen eye on what is in demand at any given time.

There’s no doubt it will take time to learn when certain valuables go up in price and when to stock up, but there’s an incredible amount to gain here if you can afford to become a fully-fledged trader.

runescape characters facing off
If you’ve got yourself a RuneScape membership, then there are even more lucrative options for you.

RuneScape money-making (membership)

Collect Bananas

Collecting bananas is just as easy as killing chickens, but you’ll need some membership-only items to make your fruit-picking efficient enough to be worthwhile. Get your hands on a Ring of Duelling, an Amulet of Glory, and as many baskets as you wish to fill, and head over to Musa Point.

Move around all of the trees picking bananas using the Amulet of Glory to quickly teleport between each one in the process. Once all of your baskets are full of five bananas each, you will receive your reward.

Since this is incredibly easy to do and involves no real risk, the profits aren’t going to be mind-boggling. But if you’re new to Gielnor, we strongly recommend you do this in the early hours of the game.

Dragon Leather

Dragon Leather of any color can be extremely valuable, depending on whether or not the in-game economy falls in your favor. Slaying Dragons drops Dragon Hides, which can be made into Leather via either a portable crafting station or a dedicated Tanner.

To make the process as quick as possible, set up a preset which allows you to Tan the maximum amount of Hides at once, showering you with precious Dragon Leather. These can then be sold for Gold, but profits will vary each time.

RuneScape party fighting Dragon
Slaying Dragons can reap big rewards.

Cleanse Herbs

Herb Cleansing is another low-risk way of raking in Gold, but it does come with a handful of caveats. It requires you to have acquired the Herblore Cape for achieving Level 99 in the skill, and to already have enough Gold to invest in the herbs.

Once you’ve identified which herb is the most profitable at the time, load your inventory of full them by splashing as much money as you’re willing to try. Then, by using a bank preset, you can cleanse a huge number of herbs in quick succession, and watch the Gold roll in.

Cursed Energy

Finally, we come to the riskest method on this entire list, harvesting Cursed Energy. For this, you’ll need to raise your Divination skill up to 95, and head to the Cursed Wisp Colony near the Wilderness Volcano.

Cursed Energy is easily harvested from Wisps, which can then be converted into Incandescent Energy by visiting Edgeville. Incandescent Energy sells for a tidy 291 Gold each, and there’s really no limit on how much can be earned.

However, the risk comes from the fact that the Cursed Wisp Colony is found in a Level 25 Wilderness area, and carrying Cursed Energy removes any combat level restrictions. This means players of any level can attack and kill you at will, which places you under threat of losing your items.

Oh, and you won’t even be able to teleport with Cursed Energy in your pockets, so be careful out there.

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