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Is Runescape coming to console? Jagex hint at PS4 and Xbox version

Published: 11/Sep/2020 15:51

by Daniel Cleary


Runescape developers Jagex have hinted that the popular MMORPG title could soon be coming to consoles like the Xbox One and PS4. Here’s everything we know so far.

Since Runescape was first released in 2001, the free-to-play title has only been available for PC players to get their hands on.


However, following their recent expansion to mobile devices with Old School Runescape, it seems as if developers Jagex are now interested in taking the open-world game to consoles.

Runescape on mobile phone
Runescape could be coming to consoles next after its mobile release in October 2018.

Is Runescape confirmed for consoles?

Although the move to consoles such as the Xbox One and Ps4 has not yet been confirmed by Jagex, there have been some major hints from their developers, pointing towards the potential to launch on consoles in the future.


In Runescape’s latest “Gielinor Gazette” newsletter, on September 3, Jagex Moderator MikeD laid out a road map for OldSchool Runescape in the 2020/21 season.

The dev revealed that they would continue to expand the title following the mobile release, adding, “For mobile’s release we coined the phrase ‘Old School Anywhere’. I want to go further. I want ‘Old School Everywhere’!”

“I see a future with Old School front-and-centre on online game stores.” he continued, “It’ll be available on other platforms and consoles. There’ll be game worlds based in other locations.”


After pointing out the potential Runescape players that are “exclusively using Steam, or get their dose of daily gaming on the sofa with their consoles,” it seems like a real possibility that a console version could be coming soon.

When is Runescape coming to consoles?

As of now, it is unclear when players can expect to see Runescape’s launch on consoles, however, with the plans for the console being brought up in the 2020/2021 roadmap, it is possible that it could be released as early as next year.

While the Jagex devs admitted that these are “lofty ambitions” they are still quite confident that they can make it happen and revealed that there are “major secret projects already in the works.”


It seems as console players will have to wait a little while longer before they can finally try the game out for themselves but we’ll be sure to update you, once more information becomes available.


Viral FIFA 21 clip shows why Virgil van Dijk is worth 500k FUT coins

Published: 13/Oct/2020 16:24

by David Purcell


Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk is worth north of 500,000 coins in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, which is an absolutely whopping amount to pay at this stage of the game. But, a viral clip of the defender proves why his price tag is so enormous. 

Last season, when the Merseyside club made securing their 19th English league title a breeze, some fans were calling for their Dutch center back to be given a statue. Some in jest, while others were quite serious about it for the future.


He’s been a real game changer for the club since his arrival from Southampton, and earned a 90-rated Ultimate Team card in FIFA 21.

With the game rolling out on October 9 for all editions, there’s not really been enough time for the market values of players to settle just yet. According to the FUTWIZ database, he’s valued at over half a million already, on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Virgil Van Dijk going up for a header in FIFA
Van Dijk winning headers is a regular sight in FIFA 21.

Van Dijk FIFA 21 clip goes viral

As usual, members of the game’s online community have been sharing game clips and screenshots of their best findings since release day.

One video in particular has been doing the rounds like no other, showing the central defender making the most of new AI blocks in-game. Though, it’s fair to say it’s no ordinary block.

The ball comes pinging off the left boot of Mohamed Salah, and looks set to hit the top corner of the goal, before van Dijk flies across to the ball and turns it behind for a corner in extraordinary fashion. You’ve got to see this.


The video, posted by Xav Salazar, has racked up over 2.6 million views at the time of writing. Nobody can quite believe what they’re seeing, but yes, van Dijk looks to be worth the hefty price tag he commands.

If he was doing this game in, game out, you wouldn’t even need a goalkeeper.