What to do with Rainbow Conches in Sea of Stars: Collectibles explained

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So you’ve started piling up Rainbow Conches in Sea of Stars but have no idea what to actually do with them. Well, look no further. We’ve got you covered here with everything you need to know about this collectible.

The early hours of any RPG can be a lot to take in. Dozens of unique gameplay systems dictate how combat functions, how explorations work, and how exactly you can interact with a range of NPCs across the many lands you’ll soon visit.

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Naturally, as you begin to find your footing, your inventory will clog up with all sorts of resources. Some are valuable, some not so much. In Sea of Stars, one particular item that might leave you scratching your head is the Rainbow Conch.

What exactly is this rainbow-colored shell? How do you use them? Why do you keep finding them in the most random places? Fear not, we’ve got the answers to all your questions down below.

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What are Rainbow Conches in Sea of Stars?

Put simply, Rainbow Conches are a type of collectible item in Sea of Stars. From venturing off the main path to helping NPCs in need, or even completing mini-games out in the world, you’ll find these collectibles everywhere.

Don’t be worried, however, as inventory space is not a concern in Sea of Stars. You can pile dozens of Rainbow Conches up before you even get to fulfill their purpose. More on that below.

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What to do with Rainbow Conches in Sea of Stars

Early on in Sea of Stars, you can’t do anything with these Rainbow Conches. You can’t use them to help in quests, they can’t be traded at any regular vendors, they just sit in your inventory for a good while.

It’s not until roughly the 12-hour mark that you’ll finally have something to do with your collection of Rainbow Conches.

Minor spoilers for Sea of Stars below. Do not continue reading if you want each location to be fresh when you visit it for the first time.

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After completing what can be considered the first act of the game, you’ll soon head to a city hidden underwater, Docarri Village. It’s here where you can exchange each and every Rainbow Conch.

Mirna in Sea of StarsSabotage Studio

Simply head to the right-hand side of this underwater locale and you’ll find Mirna, a confident child with seemingly all the business expertise in the world. She’ll introduce you to ‘Mirna’s Market of Marvels.’

It’s through Mirna’s Market you can then exchange Rainbow Conches for unique items. In total, nine rewards are up for grabs if you’re able to collect all 60 Rainbow Conches in Sea of Stars.

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Rainbow Conch rewards in Sea of Stars

As you collect more Rainbow Conches and hand them in, new rewards become available. While we haven’t yet found them all and completed the list, here’s what we do know about the full range of exclusives on offer:

  • 4 Rainbow Conches – Something social (Inn Plans – Plans for the construction of an inn in Mirth)
  • 11 Rainbow Conches – Something useful (Cornucopia (Item) – Party max HP +20)
  • 19 Rainbow Conches – Something transactional (Shop Plans – Plans for the construction of a shop in Mirth)
  • 22 Rainbow Conches – Something bountiful (Fishing Hut Plans – Plans for the construction of a fishing hut in Mirth)
  • 27 Rainbow Conches – Something shrewd (Falcon-Eyed Parrot to help track collectibles)
  • 35 Rainbow Conches – Something healthy (Recipe: Poutine – Cures KO +100% HP (Ally))
  • 39 Rainbow Conches – Something relaxing (Spa Plans – Plans for the construction of a Spa in Mirth)
  • 47 Rainbow Conches – Something potent (Recipe: Pudding Chomeur – +100% MP (Ally)
  • 60 Rainbow Conches – Something meta (Rainbow Star – Required for the game’s true ending)
Sea of Stars Rainbow Conch reward listSabotage Studio

So that’s our full rundown on Rainbow Conches in Sea of Stars. While it may be confusing in the first act of the game as they pile up, it’ll all make sense in due time.

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