PS4 players furious after “garbage” 8.00 update records Party Chats

Brent Koepp
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PlayStation 4’s 8.00 update has caused widespread backlash after Sony revealed that are allowing players to record and report Party Chat conversations in certain situations. The new PS4 patch has also broken friends lists for many users, rendering it unusable.

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Sony rolled out the major 8.00 update for the PS4 on October 14, and PlayStation fans were shocked when the publisher announced some major changes to the popular system.

Not only are users reporting broken friends lists, it also seems as though the company is allowing players to record and send in Party Chat conversations for “moderation.” The move immediately sparked outrage on social media from owners of the console.

ps4 8.00 update screen
PlayStation is allowing users to send in voice recordings of Party Chats to report violations.

PS4 players outraged over 8.00 update

While Sony has always moderated messages, it appears with the new 8.00 update they will now allow players to record Party Chats to report wrongdoings to them for safety purposes. Private events and Communities have also been removed. The large software revision sparked backlash shortly after going live on October 14.

Users also have began to report issues with friends lists, with some saying that it’s lagged out the feature on their console, or simply doesn’t work at all – instead, showing a WS-44369-6 error in its place.

As is common with this type of thing, fans took to social media to air their outrage. “PS4’s Firmware update 8.00 is a horrible step backwards. Private parties are dead, they killed communities and you’re basically no longer allowed to be on your own or in private with your friends,” one person said. “Hot garbage. Give us back our features.”

The system update has also reportedly slowed down the console for some, with players reporting lagging and longer loading times when clicking on the Party menu and the PS Store.

“lmao so playstation literally took away everyone’s privacy and slowed down the ps4 with one update, they do aim to please,” one user commented. “can’t even load my bloody friends list.”

Despite the backlash from some players, not everyone was angry about the update. Users also praised the patch as it finally brought enhanced 2-step verification, new avatars, and the option to mute all microphones.

Still, the wording of Sony’s new policy on party chat moderation has sparked confusion and anger from owners who don’t want their voice recorded. 8.0’s buggy launch also doesn’t seem to have helped.

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