Pokemon Go trainer reveals most encountered Pokemon in 2021

Connor Knudsen
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Pokemon Go has all users encountering hundreds of different Pokemon, but which did players see the most in 2021? One trainer has found the answer and it’s not what you’d expect.

Pokemon Go has made huge strides since it took over the world with its release in 2016, evolving to better suit the needs and wants of its player base.

This has included several new events, Community Days, and the addition of many more types of Pokemon to the game. With so many being given boosted spawn rates with limited-time events, it begs the question… which can be found the most often?

A trainer has compiled all of their encounters throughout 2021, well over 1,000 in total, and has compiled them to see which Pokemon they’ve seen the most.

Surprisingly enough, there’s one clear frontrunner.

Pokemon Go trainer’s most encountered Pokemon in 2021

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Who did trainers see the most in 2021? The answer might surprise you.

Throughout all the community days, seasonal events, and standard gameplay, which Pokemon show up the most in Pokemon Go?

Well, according to data shared to the Pokemon Go subreddit by mertcatal, the answer is fairly clear – Eevee.

Over the course of well over 1,000 encounters from the active player, they ran into Eevee a staggering 409 times. Second, after the adorable dog came Aron at 146 and Oshawott at 138 took third.

While this data is only illustrating one player’s experience, the results likely reflect at least somewhat what other trainers have seen as well.

Eevee taking the number one spot, from a developer perspective, does make sense. It has the potential to turn into a number of different evolutions, something no other Pokemon can do at the same capacity, meaning that players would need many more of them to get all the evolutions.

But, at over double the next Pokemon, is there cause to be concerned about a bit too much Eevee in the Pokemon Go experience?

Either way, outside of Aron and Oshawott’s relatively high numbers, most other mons held around 40-70 encounters in the year. Only Bidoof, Pikachu, and Gastly were otherwise able to crack triple digits.

With 2022 right around the corner, who knows how these numbers will change moving forward, or what new Pokemon the new year will bring us. Who are you hoping to see next year?