Payday 3: How to complete Touch The Sky in stealth

payday 3 touch the sky introStarbreeze Studios

Payday 3’s final heist, Touch The Sky, can be quite hard to finish without raising the alarm. Here’s how to complete the level in stealth while avoiding any police entanglement.

Payday 3 players are finally dipping their toes into the newest co-op heist shooter from Starbreeze Studios. And the final mission of the game, Touch The Sky, is proving to be quite difficult to finish in stealth.

To get you started, make sure you’re using our recommended best stealth build for Payday 3. So, how exactly do you complete Touch The Sky in stealth?

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payday 3 touch the sky ventStarbreeze Studios

How to stealth Touch The Sky in Payday 3

Touch The Sky starts you off inside a high-rise building, and you’ll be tasked with infiltrating the penthouse and stealing an encrypted SSD from a vault. In our testing, we found the following number of guards in this level on Normal difficulty:

  • 1 outside the penthouse entrance
  • 3 patrolling the lower floor
  • 1 patrolling the upper floor
  • 1 head guard patrolling both floors
  • 1 in the camera room

As you approach the penthouse entrance, notice a guard and a camera in your way. Shade will mention an alternative entrance that can be accessed by going upstairs and sneaking through the vent.

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You’ll be forced to mask up here if you want to climb inside the vent, so put your mask on and climb in. There are three possible exits from the vent. Going directly ahead will drop you out into the main foyer of the penthouse. Since many guards and civilians like to hang out in this area, it’s recommended you don’t use this route.

Instead, head right and go down into the lower vents. One exit will drop you outside Mason Laurent’s office, while the other puts you on a small walkway closer to the Master Bedroom. Taking either of these is fine.

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payday 3 touch the sky wifi signalStarbreeze Studios

Touch The Sky master bedroom

Your first task once inside the penthouse is to find the Master Bedroom. It’s located on the upper floor, on the opposite end of the building from Laurent’s office. Be watchful of cameras and hack the keypad on the side of the bedroom door.

You’ll next be tasked with connecting to the building’s WiFi to unlock the door. To do this you need to stand in certain spots on the map and fill up a circular bar.

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Now would be a good time to also clear out a few guards, if you have spare radios. We’d recommend killing at least one on the upper floor and one on the lower floor, so the level becomes a little easier to move around in.

It’s also a good idea to find the Head Guard, who patrols both the upstairs and downstairs areas. He has a phone you’ll need to hack, which you can do by either killing him or interacting with the phone on his belt. 

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Hacking the phone also requires standing in a circle for a short amount of time, so make sure you’re in a good position to do this before activating it. Doing this grants you a QR code which will be important later.

payday 3 touch the sky vault codeStarbreeze Studios

Touch The Sky vault switch

Once you’ve connected all the WiFi signals, head back to the Master Bedroom and search for a Vault Switch. It’ll be on one of the bookshelves that you can interact with. When you’ve hit the right one, a wall panel will reveal itself and you’ll need to access Mason Laurent’s office.

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To get into the office, you need a Red Keycard. This can be found in a filing room which you can access via the QR code you got from the Head Guard. Check each drawer in the filing cabinets until you find the keycard, then head to Mason Laurent’s office on the far side of the penthouse.

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Use the keycard on the door and look around for the Panic Room button. It’s located on the side of the desk as a small button and can be quite easy to miss. Doing this will reveal a door that you need to get through.

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payday 3 touch the sky officeStarbreeze Studios

Touch The Sky panic room

The only way to get in is to force Mason to open the door. He’s in the main room of the Penthouse with a group of other people. Guards and cameras are also in this area, so it’s not a good idea to grab him here.

Shade will soon mention a courier has entered the Penthouse with a delivery of expensive whisky. She’ll suggest slipping something into Mason’s drink. You can find poison in one of the store cupboards located around the penthouse.

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Head through the kitchen, round the corner near where Mason is, and spike the drink. He’ll soon take a drink and excuse himself to the nearest bathroom. Grab him as a human shield and take him up the nearby stairs to the office. Shove him in front of the panic room and he’ll open it up.

Inside the panic room is a whiteboard with four different codes on it. One of these codes is the correct one to open the vault in the Master Bedroom, so head back there and enter the correct one.

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payday 3 touch the sky panic roomStarbreeze Studios

The correct code is the one that corresponds with the fingerprints on the keypad. So if one of the potential codes is 1234, and the number 4 doesn’t have a print on it, that’s not the right code.

Enter the vault once you’ve hit the right code and you’ll be greeted with a safe. Crack the safe by turning the dial three times until it’s in the green, and take the drive out.

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Take the drive back to the computer in Mason’s office and decrypt the drive in the computer. It’ll take some time to decrypt, so use this time to move bags if you have any. There’s a stash of money and cocaine inside the panic room, as well as jewelry bags in the vault, which you can loot for extra cash.

The bags can be secured on the lower floor by throwing them in the elevator where you started the heist. Watch out for the guard that stands watch here. You can either kill him (beware of the camera) or distract him with a lure on a nearby bench.

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The elevator is also your escape zone, so make sure all players are standing in the zone once you’re ready to leave.

And that’s how you stealth Touch The Sky in Payday 3. Be sure to check out our other guides here:

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