Best Payday 3 stealth build: weapons, skills & equipment

payday 3 best stealth buildStarbreeze Studios

If you prefer to play Payday 3 without fighting the cops, taking a sneaky approach might be the best method for you. Here is the best Payday 3 stealth build for you to find success in your heists.

One of the most exciting things about Payday 3 is the ability to perform a heist however you want. You can go in guns blazing, or take the sneaky approach. Depending on your playstyle, the game accommodates both types of players.

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Setting yourself up for success when stealthing a heist will depend on your build, though. The more optimized for stealth your build is, the greater your chances of beating the mission without any massive complications.

So if you’re struggling to find the right weapons and skills to help achieve this, here is the best Payday 3 stealth build we can recommend for you.

Best Payday 3 stealth weapons

In terms of weapons and equipment, you’ll likely want to bring something light to help you move around quickly. That means taking the Standard Lining vest (unlocks at level 18) which reduces your armor but increases mobility. 

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payday 3 best stealth build pistolStarbreeze Studios

For weapons, concealment isn’t a factor in this game like it was in Payday 2 so it doesn’t necessarily matter what we take as long as it’s suppressed. We’d suggest taking the starter weapons CAR-4 and Signature 40 pistol. Be sure to also unlock and attach silencers to them so you can shoot at things without alerting the entire map. Don’t bother with selecting an Overkill Weapon, these aren’t useful in stealth.

For your other slots, you’ll want to bring an Ammo Bag in your deployable slot and a Throwing Knife (unlocks at level 16) in your throwable.

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In your tool slot, most of these items are very useful for your stealth builds. If you’re doing most of the objectives, we’d recommend taking an ECM Jammer (unlocks at level 20) which slows down cameras and radios for when you need to move about quickly. If you’re staying back and performing reconnaissance, however, then a MicroCam or Motion Sensor (unlocks at level 30) may be more preferable.

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Best Payday 3 stealth skills

Now we can move on to skills. In total, you’ll get 21 skill points in the beta once you hit the level cap.

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If you’re looking for the best all-around stealth build that will help you pull off your big score, here are the skills we’d recommend investing your points in:

  • Hacker (basic): You can hack cameras to gain access to the area’s CCTV system. This functions as though you accessed the heist’s security room. You gain one Runtime. 
  • Appliance Breach: You can activate lures from a distance, as long as you have a clear line of sight.
  • Glitch Protocol: You can hack a guard’s radio to cause a disturbance, stopping and distracting them, pausing any action they are doing. You must have a line of sight to the guard to hack them. The guard is distracted for 5 seconds, after which they will go back to their previous action. If the guard was escorting a player, the guard will go back to patrolling. If the guard was about to detain a player, the guard will go into Search mode instead. Using this ability has a cooldown of 60 seconds.
  • Strategist (Basic): You can mark 1 additional target. Your marks last 20% longer. 
  • CQC Specialist (Basic): Whenever you perform a takedown, gain or refresh RUSH.
  • Groundskeeper: You perform takedowns 20% faster.
  • Cover-Up: Taking down a guard will immediately also answer the radio.
  • Signal Catch: You can answer radios remotely if you have a line of sight to the guard’s body.

There are also two skills you may want to pick up depending on your playstyle, both found in the CQC Specialist deck: Savage Takedown, which intimidates any civilian within 5 meters of a takedown. You may only want to take this skill if you’re also doing crowd control, but if you’re avoiding alerting as many people as possible this isn’t worth taking.

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payday 3 best stealth build skillsStarbreeze Studios

The other optional skill is Pressure Points, where corpses need to be examined by civilians and guards before they realize they are dead. Sure, taking this skill will add a few seconds before someone tries calling the cops. However, if you’re already hiding the bodies to begin with this might become a wasted skill point.

And that’s the best stealth build we’d recommend for you in Payday 3. Check out our other Payday 3 guides here:

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