Payday 3: How to stealth No Rest for the Wicked

Olly Smith
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The first Payday 3 heist, No Rest for the Wicked, is a medium sized branch bank for you to unleash chaos in, but there is also a way you can finish the heist in stealth.

The first mission of Payday 3, No Rest for the Wicked, is a bank heist taking place in New York City. A medium-sized level, the heist involves breaking into a vault and stealing the money held within it.

And if you’re not too happy about fighting the cops in the game, the option to play the heist in stealth is also there. Make sure you’re using our recommended stealth loadout before tackling this mission, as it will come in handy.

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So, here’s how to beat Payday 3’s No Rest for the Wicked in stealth.

How to stealth No Rest for the Wicked

As the mission begins, you’ll want to case the bank and its surrounding areas before putting your mask on, taking note of guard and camera locations. On Normal difficulty, we found a total of five guards:

  • One in the main lobby
  • One in the back alleyway
  • One in the downstairs private area
  • One in the upstairs private area
  • One in the camera room upstairs

It’s worth noting the number of guards increases on higher difficulties, so adjust your expectations accordingly. On Overkill difficulty, there will be a Lead Guard who patrols the bank and changes his route as you complete more objectives.

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payday 3 no rest for the wicked stealthStarbreeze Studios

While you’re still unmasked, the best way to get into the bank’s private areas is to head through the parking lot and through the locked gate on the right. Lockpick the gate and then head up the steps to the floor above. You can either cut open the window here or head up to the roof and head down the stairs from here.

No Rest for the Wicked keycard locations

Your next goal is to find a red keycard. There are two keycards in No Rest for the Wicked, and these are carried by the patrolling guards inside the private areas. They can be acquired either by killing the guards or by pickpocketing them.

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A handy tactic is to let a guard catch you while you’re unmasked. He will begin to escort you back to a public area, and you can use this as an opportunity to snag the keycard hanging from his back pocket.

You can grab the blue keycard if you want to disable the cameras, as the card grants access to the camera room, but otherwise, you only need the red one.

While you’re on the first floor, be sure to also switch off the power by heading into the IT room and flipping a switch on the wall. The room is located at the end of the long corridor, opposite the vault area.

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The red keycard opens a room on either the second floor near the kitchen or the roof. The spawn location is random, so take note of a red keycard reader outside the door which tells you it’s the correct one. 

payday 3 no rest for the wicked stealth (3)Starbreeze Studios

Accessing this room will allow you to hack into a PC, which grants you access to the vault area. Once the hack is complete, interact with the PC and take note of a colored icon that appears on the screen.

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Head down to the vault area and find the switchbox on the wall near the floor. There are four colored switches here, so hit the one with the right color. Note for colorblind players: the icon also appears here too, so you’ll also be able to know which switch is the correct one.

No Rest for the Wicked vault code

We’re finally in the vault area, but there’s still one thing left to do. We need to find the vault code and have a bank employee also use the eye-scanner to authenticate it

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Now is a good time to control the first floor of the bank. If you have any remaining radios, kill the guards and tie up any civilians you find. Be sure to keep them away from any windows too, in case a guard outside sees anything.

Grab a high-level executive from the meeting room by taking them as a shield, and take them to the vault area. Shove them in front of the vault and have them scan to give you access.

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payday 3 no rest for the wicked stealth (3)Starbreeze Studios

Finally, you’ll need a code. This is on the manager’s computer, which is located opposite the meeting room. Interact with the PC in there and you’ll receive four different codes. Head back to the vault keypad.

Only one of these codes is correct, but there’s a way to know which one. Take a closer look at the keypad and you’ll notice a blacklight shows the fingerprints on the keypad. Through the process of elimination, use these numbers to work out which code is the correct one. 

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For example, if one of the possible codes is “6139”, and there are no prints on the number 6, then it won’t be that code.

After this, you’ll have access to the vault. You can pick the lockboxes on the right from here to find extra loot, but the main objective is to get through the locked gate where the money bags are.

No Rest for the Wicked dye packs

You’ll need every player available here because once you’ve picked the lock to the gate, the money bags will have dye packs set to go off on a timer. If the dye packs explode, the money becomes tainted and is worth less. So once you’ve entered the door, make sure to interact with all the money bags to disable them.

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Bad news for solo players: there is currently not enough time to disable every single dye pack in the time you’re given. There are eight money bags in the vault, but you’ll be able to get through around 4-5 before the dye packs explode. This means having to secure more bags to escape.

Once you’ve got the bags, bring them out to the van which can be located in either the parking lot or on the street. If you tie up all the civilians, you’ll have a much easier time ferrying them to the parking lot, which can be accessed by the back door.

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If the van is on the street, you’ll have to pay extra attention to the civilians walking by. It’s much easier to accidentally alert the whole map here, so take caution.

Once you’ve secured enough bags in the van, an escape zone will appear which signals the end of the mission.

And that’s how to complete Payday 3’s No Rest for the Wicked in stealth. Be sure to check out our other Payday 3 stealth guides:

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