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Apex Legends

Pathfinder grapple exploit takes players to the sky in Apex Legends

Published: 22/Nov/2021 18:20

by Alec Mullins


Pathfinder’s mobility is already unmatched in Apex Legends but a new exploit makes the gap between the robot and any potential runner up even wider than before. 

Grappling hooks are a staple of the modern FPS genre and few characters have ever wielded one better than Apex’s Pathfinder.

While his prowess was notable before, Season 11 is only making the distinction more clear as a new exploit allows Path players to go soaring through the air in a nearly unlimited capacity.

There’s a good amount of setup involved, but the potential payoff could be worth it as players are already putting together some devious plans to apply it in their games.


Pathfinder grapple exploit in Apex Legends

In the clip, we see Pathfinder grappling a death box that is locked in place on an Octane pad by a teammate.

As the rogue MRVN unit lands his grappling hook on the box, the teammate jumps off and lets the box fly into the air bringing the robot with it.

Since Pathfinder’s hook doesn’t release its grasp until players let the grappled object stray too far from their line of sight, the combination of the box and the player creates an almost infinite wave of momentum as they pendulum around each other in the air.


This clip instantly sparked discussion about how to best apply the trick and whether it does more harm than good. One user instantly provided a picture of how it could hurt teamplay, saying: “I’m imagining my team flaming me as I fly 2 miles into the sky and they are being finished by the last squad. It will be glorious.”


Other players have a more positive expectation for the game though, with another commenter adding: “Need to see a kraber trickshot with this.”

There have been several tricks and exploits involving death boxes discovered this season but it remains to be seen if Respawn will make any adjustments to nerf the odd amount of power held by those inanimate objects.