“Game-breaking” Apex Legends bug is making Ash’s phase ultimate useless

Sam Comrie
An image of Ash from Apex Legends Season 11

Apex Legends players are finding themselves completely baffled by a “game-breaking” bug that sees Ash sent back to the main menu just for using her Ultimate ability.

With the start of Apex Legends Season 11, the familiar face of Titanfall’s Ash was introduced to the battle royale and she’s immediately become one of the go-to legends for many players.

The dastardly villain’s Phase Breach ultimate has, for some players, reduced the need for Wraith as they can rip open a one-sided portal and teleport to the other side with ease.

However, as some players have found, there are some spots in the battle royale where the ultimate becomes pretty useless and will end your match grind to a halt.

Ash Apex Legends Storm Point
Ash originally appeared in the Titanfall franchise.

Ash ultimate bug is ruining matches

The issue was highlighted by Apex Legends fan Bruhmobile123 on Reddit, showing that when they used Ash’s Ultimate ability, they were teleported back to the main menu rather than to their high ground spot of choice.

Some players suggested that it must be a bugged spot given that the ultimate has some issues with the surrounding area, though others suggest it’s to do with the animation of the ultimate.

Regardless, the original poster noted that they’ve been able to replicate it time and time again with the same issue – finding themselves heading back to the main menu.

Naturally, some players took the opportunity to poke fun at the issue. “Tearing through to the lobby,” one amused player said.

As of writing, the developers haven’t addressed this particular issue as of yet but if it continues to affect players, they most likely will do so before long.

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