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Wild Apex Legends death box glitch launches players across the map

Published: 17/Nov/2021 23:42 Updated: 18/Nov/2021 22:50

by Alec Mullins


There’s a new Apex Legends death box glitch that is sending players soaring across Storm Point without the use of Gravity Cannons or Valkyrie ultimates. 

In Season 11, death boxes are providing the same spurts of fun like Octane’s jump pad, which been a popular source of bugs and glitches throughout Apex. Whether it’s been double-jumping while using a Gravity Cannon or flying into the fights via the original death box trick, the amount of unintended fun continues to grow by the day.

There’s a new version of the latter trick that kicks the entire concept up a level by giving players more control and making it easier to pull off than ever before.


Apex Legends death box glitch sends players flying

Respawn Entertainment
Octane is proving his worth as a mobility-based Legend by flinging his team around the map through various glitches this season.

In order to set this up the death, you’ll need an Octane pad and a death box that is sitting on an uneven surface. When the box is in place, throw a jump pad underneath it and let it bounce a few times. After about 30 seconds, break the pad and let the box fall back to the ground.

After the newly-glitched slingshot stops zooming around, players can then jump on top of it and prepare for take off.


One Reddit user warned anyone who wanted to try this trick out for themselves that it might now work with just any fallen player’s box: “I actually tested this more, and it MUST be from a Flyer. I couldn’t get it to work with a regular death box from killing an enemy.”


While this is certainly not an intended mechanic, the potential fun is outweighing the questions of competitive integrity for some fans, with user ‘Cokaway’ saying: “Please don’t patch this too soon devs.”

Respawn has yet to patch either of Octane’s other mobility exploits this season so this glitch might be around for a couple of patch cycles.