Intense Overwatch custom game drops Genji into Smash Bros.

Smash Bros gameplay next to Overwatch gameplayNintendo / Blizzard

Smash Bros. has been brought to life in Overwatch like never before thanks to a remarkable Workshop creation that drops Genji into the iconic Nintendo fighting game.

If there’s one thing the Overwatch community has always wanted to see, it’s a Smash Bros. crossover. Countless rumors have hinted at Tracer joining the all-star lineup over the years, though nothing has ever quite come from it.

While even Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan has pleaded with Nintendo, it doesn’t appear as though fans will get their wish granted anytime soon. However, that hasn’t stopped players from living out their dreams in other ways.

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Thanks to the handy set of tools in the Workshop mode, ‘WildByte’ and ‘NyaWalking’ have pulled off the inverse. Bringing Smash Bros. to Overwatch rather than the other way around.

Button Bash Bros. Brawl’ is the title of a stunning custom game set on Paris. The mode shrinks heroes all the way down to fit on top of the piano as the full stage. Up to four players can jump into the mix with everyone playing a uniquely colored Genji.

The hero slashes the opposition to deal melee damage, softening enemies up for a final blow. You can also deflect attacks just as Genji would in traditional Overwatch game modes. 

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As you would expect, being knocked off costs you one of your lives. Players spawn with three stocks in the default mode, though this can be increased if you’re looking for a lengthy battle.

Perhaps the most stunning aspect of this Workshop creation is the soundtrack playing all the while. Rather than simply adding some background music, the piano itself has been coded to play any song of your choice. Though most fittingly, the trailer showcases the map with the classic Smash theme coming through.

Overwatch gameplayBlizzard
Players are actually fighting on the piano in this Smash Bros. custom game.

Battles are currently limited to just Genji, though more heroes could certainly be added down the line to mix things up. We would love to see Genji deal with some long-range damage from his brother Hanzo.

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The Workshop mode is accessible to creators of all ages with all levels of skill. That’s never been more evident than with this impressive blend of Smash Bros gameplay in Overwatch. You can test out the mode for yourself using the Workshop code: X0WPV