Original MultiVersus leaker reveals multiple upcoming fighters and Harry Potter delay

Harry Potter in multiversusWarner Bros

A new leak for Warner Bros platform fighting game MultiVersus has surfaced revealing new characters and judging by the source, it has a good chance of being accurate.

Back in October of 2021, a leak surfaced on Reddit claiming that a Warner Bros fighting game was in development. Shortly after that, the leak was backed up by Smash Bros pro HungryBox who posted photos of the game that were sent to him.

Now, with the game officially in development and alpha tests ongoing, leaks have been rampant thanks to data miners who have uncovered fighters hidden in the game. However, not every upcoming character currently has code in the game.

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On May 26, the original leaker for the game returned on Reddit to reveal more fighters being worked on, and the list is massive.

Multiversus game from WB GamesWarner Bros.
MultiVersus has quite the fighter roster already.

MultiVersus fighters leaked

According to the appropriately-named ‘hugeleakeractually,’ many of the game’s already datamined fighters are in fact real and far along in development.

The list includes The Joker, Raven, Gremlins’s Gizmo, Marvin the Martian, second-best NBA player of all time Lebron James, Rick and Morty, Scooby-Doo, Daenerys and The Hound from Game of Thrones, the Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz, and Godzilla.

If that wasn’t already impressive enough, the leaker touched on fighters from their original post that haven’t shown up yet such as Harry Potter.

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power puff girlsCartoon Network
The Powerpuff Girls could be coming to MultiVersus.

The leaker claimed that Johnny Bravo was in the initial pitch and had work done, indicating he will come later.

Additionally, Mad Max and Harry Potter are unfortunately on hold according to the insider. “Not sure if it was an IP related issue,” they claimed, adding that they weren’t sure if development was ever done on either of them.

They further state that Samurai Jack, Fred Flinstone, Daffy Duck, Scorpion, Ben 10, and Ted Lasso are in development. Finally, they say that a couple of three-in-one fighters are also in the works in the form of the Powerpuff Girls and Animaniacs.

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It’s not clear when any of these leaked fighters will end up making it to the live game, but MultiVersus is shaping up to be one of the craziest video game crossovers of all time, up there with Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Fortnite.